A Little Gross Maybe, But Let’s Talk Toilets!

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Our learning curve was pretty steep when we moved into our RV full-time and began our RV retired life …. but probably nothing created more issues and more grief than the toilet.

Although we didn’t know it at the time, the toilet that came with our RV was a lemon from day one. After fighting it for two years we replaced it this summer and life has become completely free of toilet “issues.”

Our first toilet became clogged at the drop of a hat and The Husband became quite proficient at dragging the hose into the house with the flexible tank wand to shove down the toilet to drive through the clog. This was not a fun project even on a warm day and our first winter in the RV was spent in Eastern Washington where it gets below zero and snow was common.

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We read everything we could find on the subjects of RV toilets. We tried every tip suggested and yet we still had frequent clogs. The additive recommended by employees of the RV park where we lived was poured down the drain by the bottle with positively NO effect. Additives recommended by several mainstream RV stores were equally useless.

And Then We Found Rob!

Then we found our favorite RV repairman Rob Lee of River Valley Mobile Service, LLC and a great RV supply store in Mead WA Chuck’s RV . They both recommended Tank Techs Rx.

Finally, a product that actually worked!!  I highly recommend this product as it kept us from experiencing any further clogs when used as directed.

Our toilet, now regularly clog free, thanks to this wonderful product, still didn’t hold water in the bowl as intended in between flushes. No amount of lubricant on the seals helped and so this spring when we returned to the Pacific Northwest we had it replaced. Toilet #2 works as intended and the difference is nothing shy of amazing! Can I just tell you that I never realized how wonderful it is to have a working toilet until I had gone 2 years without one??


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