The Lives And Stories Of Old Barns

Forgotten and dilapidated barn sits alone in the field.

The Lives And Stories Of Old Barns

The lives and stories of old barns intrigue me and as we travel old barns  catch my eye. Possibly this is because I grew up on a dairy farm and spent a good many hours in the barn as a kid. Although there was no shortage of work involved at the barn, there were also fun times. Time spent with my  drunken pet sheep, Patience. Time helping bottle feed some of the calves from a nippled bucket. Playing in the hayloft with siblings and cousins. My Dad holding me upside down and letting me “walk” on the ceiling of the barn leaving my footprints because it didn’t matter that day as it was getting repainted the following day. Learning how to milk the cows by hand and later how to attach the machines to milk them.

image of old barn in fall setting the lives and stories of old barns
A lovely fall setting last year surrounded this old barn

The barn above closely resembles the architectural style of the barn I spent many hours in as a kid. Like so many of the old barns we see, the one on our old farm sits unused and in deplorable condition. Many are past the point of renovation and tearing them down before they fall down seems the only option. Barn wood, now a coveted commodity for many artists and DIY’ers, allow a piece of these old memories to live on.

image of the elephant barn Pt Defiance Park the lives and stories of old barns
Elephant barn at Point Defiance Park Tacoma WA
image of ESU campus police department in old barn the lives and stories of old barns
Campus Police at Eastern State University Cheney WA have made this old barn their home.

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Definitely one of the coolest police department buildings I’ve seen is the one shown above. This old barn received a new life as the home to Eastern Washington University’s campus police.

Definitely one of the coolest police department buildings is the one at EWU. #EWUcampuspolice… Click To Tweet

Frenchman Hills Barn Event Venue

image of barn outside Royal City WA the lives and stories of old barns
“Frenchman Hills Barn” outside Royal City WA

Recently built and now taking bookings for events, the Frenchman Hills Barn is a photographer’s dream location. Perched at the edge of the Frenchman Hills, it overlooks the valley below and the hills beyond for miles. No additional backdrop is needed with this natural setting.  This one holds special memories for me as my granddaughter was married here this year.

image of working barn the lives and stories of old barns
Still very much a working barn this one is home to all the cows you can see to the back left.

Mt. Adams As A Backdrop? Not Bad!

image of farm outside Goldendale WA the lives and stories of old barns
Mt. Adams provides a beautiful backdrop for this farm outside Goldendale WA


image of metal sculpture and old barn the lives and stories of old barns
Metal sculpture with an old red barn as a backdrop!

Outside Colville, WA on Hwy 395 we found this great cowboy metal sculpture outside this old barn. Wonder if the metal artist lives here?

The Husband Loves Green Bluff For All The Memories

image of The Husband with an old barn and an old tractor the lives and stories of old barns
The Husband enjoying a memory moment with an old tractor AND an old barn!

A few miles out of Spokane, WA., is Green Bluff, a small farming community. Fall weekends the Green Bluff area is a hive of activity with multiple farms, the  Green Bluff Growers providing fresh fruit and vegetable stands, live music, hay rides, pony rides and more. The Husband found this great old tractor  parked in front of one of the Green Bluff farms and enjoyed a nostalgic moment remembering the days he spent on his grandpa’s farm as a child.

image of the pink barn the lives and stories of old barns
Once probably red? Apparently now sun bleached to become the “Pink Barn”
image of working barn the lives and stories of old barns
Old but well cared for this one is obviously still a “working” barn.

What things catch your eye when you travel? Barns are a common thing yet very uncommon are the ideas for their use.  I love to see them being kept alive and given new purpose! We’d love to hear about the unique things you find as you travel. Feel free to leave comments below.

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  1. Reply

    Being a Midwest native, I have always wondered and imagined the stories behind old barns and other farm buildings. Love seeing a post like this!

      • NoniKay
      • June 11, 2017

      Thanks LeAnn, I continue to find more of them each trip we take. Some so forgotten and forlorn and others so well maintained. Each one so interesting!

  2. Reply

    I’ve always wondered about about old barns too! Love the pictures.

      • NoniKay
      • June 11, 2017

      Thanks Amber, so glad you liked our pictures and thanks for commenting. I actually spent part of my day today photographing more old barns. Maybe I have an obsession with them?? LOL!

  3. Reply

    I love old barns! There is a really cool old barn, falling down on one side just down the street from my house. There’s just something intriguing about them!

      • NoniKay
      • June 12, 2017

      Selena, I totally agree that there’s something intriguing about them! I’m so glad others enjoy them as much as I do. Thanks for your comments 🙂

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