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I love you..a bushel and a peck, bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck, a hug around the neck, a hug around the neck…..those are the words I sang to each of my babies and sing to each of my grand babies. That song along with a few other favorites…Jesus Loves Me, You are My Sunshine, This Old Man, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Those were the standbys when the babies were little but more than any other “I Love You a Bushel and a Peck” was our signature song, mine and the babies.

My kids and grandkids heard that song so many times that it became like a mantra to them, having a sort of hypnotic effect (either that or boring them to tears – either way, it worked and put them to sleep).

Taken Literally This Is A Very Small Amount

Taken literally it would mean my love only extended to a bushel….defined as a “measure of capacity equal to 64 US pints”….and a peck defined as “an imperial and United States customary unit of dry volume, equivalent to 2 gallons or 8 dry quarts or 16 dry pints”……this totals 80 pints or 40 quarts!!  Such a small amount!

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My daughter, The Husband and I can fruit together each summer. We put up at least 3 times that amount in applesauce, pears and peaches each year. It’s truly a very small amount and only takes a couple evenings of canning after the grand babies are in bed.

My love for these darling little ones extends so far beyond 80 pints that words cannot begin to describe it.  It’s the love with which it’s sung, the repetition with which they hear it sung and the smiles on the faces of the mommy/grandma singing that makes this song such a favorite.

Every family has their favorites whether it be a song or a story shared over and over and requested by the littles to be shared yet again. What are your favorites?



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