Luxuries How Many Can We Do Without?

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What is considered a luxury and how many of those can we do without?

You have to live without something for a time to realize if it is an object that actually held meaning in your world or was just superfluous “stuff”… bathtub comes to mind. As does a larger kitchen in which to have room to make multiple dishes at once; my sons’ artwork and the luxury of having the room to display it; live houseplants…large ones; and an automatic ice maker! Ice cube trays…what a pain in the neck!

An RV With A Bathtub??

Our original choice of the RV we had planned to buy included a bathtub. Granted, it was small but it was still a bathtub. Long story short, we ended up with the same model RV but in a different exterior color MINUS the bathtub! Those days of a bubble bath accompanied by a book and a glass of wine? Gone!   The day we moved into the RV it was good-bye to all of those “luxuries.” On occasion we still stay in motels and my first requirement is the room must have a bathtub.


Automatic ice makers are another item I hadn’t realized I would miss so much. Very much a luxury, I know, but until I no longer had one I didn’t realize how much ice we go through on any given day. Ice water is something I drink in copious amounts year around so I now have 6 ice cube trays recycling through the RV freezer at all times to keep up with the need.

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Kitchens are tiny in RV’s and we have learned, while full-timing, that some people never use their RV kitchens. While we eat in restaurants occasionally, we primarily do our own cooking. It takes some creativity to be able to cook a full meal in the space allotted in RV kitchens but it can be done.

Before You Buy Know Which Options You Want

Realizing these are all very much “1st world problems” I recognize they are NOT real problems. However, if you are considering becoming full-time RV’ers, like us, then these are things to consider.  Do you eat out or cook at home more? When choosing your RV consider the size of your kitchen and your eating habits to see if they will be compatible. How large is the bathroom? Does it come with a tub or only a shower? Does your intended unit have one bathroom or 2? Yes, some RV’s now actually come with two bathrooms. Some units also come with automatic ice makers. Some even have dishwashers.

Do your comparison shopping very carefully if you are thinking about becoming a full-timer. Just as in buying a stick built home, there are many options. Which options can you live without and which are “must haves” for your continued daily comfort?




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