Men And Women Do Think And Communicate Differently!

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Men And Women Do Think  And Communicate Differently……at least The Husband and I sure do!!

The Husband says my brain is like the iCloud and his is like an old PC…turn it on, wait for it to boot up, hit dial up, push c, colon, back slash, run….meanwhile, my brain is in the cloud with about 36 apps open and all running at the same time.

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Lots of open tabs at the same time!
The Husband says my brain is like the iCloud and his is like an old PC. #menandwomen… Click To Tweet

Here’s a couple minutes inside my head . . .so many tabs open at one time that any of this can/is happening within a matter of nanoseconds. (Every woman I know can relate to this as it’s just the way our heads work!)

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A Glimpse Of Just A Couple Minutes!

~ Almost out of coffee…have to remember to grind more beans.

~Dinner last night was good. Have to remember that little restaurant for a possible return trip at a later date.

~ Yay, glad it worked out that we get to meet the cousins at the beach in July. That will be fun.

~ Oh, you remembered to lock the cars, right??

~ Call Mom.

~ How’s that book you’re reading?

~ What’s the weather report? Will it be nice the day the kids are here?

~ That damn sprinkler is hitting the house? AGAIN?

~ What’s the latest with the uncle now that he’s moved?

~ Cancer …seriously! Just a couple of weeks ago it claimed another life of someone we know…a      young man with a family. Now it’s an 80 yr old woman. It’s spread throughout. How much time is there?

~ There is a mosquito in here..yup, that’s 3 bites now. Have to find that sucker!

~ Need to get the supplies to help the littles with a craft project for that day we are taking care of them.

~ How much “Isagenix joint support” do we have left? Is it time to order?

~ How many calories were in that glass of wine?

~ How many steps have I gotten in today?

~ Is summer ever going to get here? It’s raining AGAIN?? The puddle in the driveway is almost ready to be reclassified as a lake. Let’s name it.

~ We need to coordinate our calendars.

~ Need to add wine to “Any List.”

9 Minutes In A Woman’s Brain

While trying to keep a record of everything I’d been thinking about in the last 9-10 minutes here is a partial list. . . .All the changes that have taken place in the past 9-10 years (house sales, moves, house purchases, grand babies born, marriages, travel, new recipe for dinner, phone/internet – where can we get the best prices, art cards made by Mom, blog, stiffness in hand, number of times an old friend has been married, the death of a friend’s spouse…..

What a woman’s brain covers in 9 minutes… #communicationdifferences #femalebrains #malebrains… Click To Tweet

This difference in thinking patterns as well as speed of thoughts presents a few difficulties at times. In a conversation with The Husband we may be discussing (1) plans for the following day, (2) social plans for the weekend, (3) what to have for dinner, etc. In my mind I’ve covered all those topics and we’re done with them. I’ve moved on to something else. The Husband is still on. . .you guessed it!! He’s back on (1) plans for the following day. So when I ask him a question about whatever topic my mind is currently on he looks at me with a totally clueless expression  and says, “Huh???

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Boggle sometimes describes efforts at communication!

“I Braved Alien Territory And Asked The Husband. . .

Following this trend I asked The Husband, “what do you guys talk about?”

The Husband…”you know, guy stuff.”

What is “guy stuff?”

The Husband…”Same thing you girls talk about. We just talk about it slower. Sometimes we listen to you girls and try to figure out what you’re saying; cars we’ve had; places we’ve been; not getting served at restaurants; we just have to say it all much slower because, you know, we have to be able to follow from one subject to the next.”  LOL!!

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I know you think you heard what I said but. . .

I’ve decided age isn’t a factor because I’ve seen this same communication/thought process difference in all age groups. How is your communication with your spouse/significant other? We’d love to hear your communication stories. Here’s another example. . .As I’m finishing up this article The Husband says, “did you tell them that we don’t even speak the same language?” Uh, yeah, that is basically the premise of the entire article!!

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    super interesting. would love to see some studies tied to this!

      • NoniKay
      • May 19, 2017

      Thanks for your interest. There are probably plenty of studies on this that would prove interesting 🙂

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