I Miss The Outdoor Clothesline! An RV Park No-No


I Miss The Outdoor Clothesline! It’s An RV Park No-No!!

RV parks have an issue with any laundry drying outdoors. To date we’ve stayed at RV parks in WA, OR, ID, UT, MT, NV and AZ.  Parks have lists of “rules and regulations.”  Consistently they outlaw drying racks, clotheslines or clothing of any type being hung outdoors to dry.  In spite of these rules, we see beach towels on picnic tables, on RV ladders, lawn chairs and a myriad of other spots. These objects dry rapidly and are quickly taken back inside to avoid being chastised for disobedience of park rules.

I Miss The Smell Of Line Dried Laundry

I completely understand the desire of park management to have the park look neat and uniform. However, that doesn’t stop me from missing the unbeatable smell of line dried laundry. Add to that the cost savings involved in drying your laundry outdoors. Then the outdoor option becomes even sweeter.

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I am able to wash all our laundry in our RV as we installed a Splendide washer.  We decided, after much research, not to purchase the combination washer/dryer unit or a single RV dryer. Since the dryers run on only 110 volts instead of 220, reviews consistently told us that the clothes didn’t get truly dry. So if my clothing isn’t going to come out completely dry, why would I waste my money on it? I can use the RV park laundromat 220 volt dryers and everything is 100% dry.  Even if that option is a little less convenient.

Combination Unit Reviews Were Not Great

Washer/dryer combination unit reviews were less encouraging than I’d hoped so we ultimately decided they were not an option for us. Our Splendide washer[/easyazon_link] has been a good choice and has served us well now for the past two years. RV park laundromats are the drying option since outdoor line drying is not allowed. As you’ve seen from my previous post, I enjoy doing laundry  I miss having the option to dry it outdoors. Someday, when we move into our little house and I’m no longer living the nomad life, I’ll have an outdoor clothesline again and I will use it.




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