National WHAT Day? Nude Gardening Day?

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National WHAT Day? Nude Gardening Day?

The Husband, while scrolling through Facebook, started laughing and commented, “did you know tomorrow (first Saturday of May) is National Nude Gardening Day?” Uh, NO?? Can’t say that I had that one marked on my calendar as a day that needed to be celebrated.

Who makes this stuff up? And better yet, who celebrates it? And hopefully those who do celebrate it do so in a garden well hidden behind an 8 foot wall. I sure don’t want to see their celebration! That mental image? I don’t even want to go there.

While we were on this ridiculous subject I did a little research and found the list of strange/ridiculous holidays is way longer than I would have ever imagined.

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For those who enjoy sweets there is National Gum Drop Day – February 15, National Jelly Bean Day – April 22, National Chocolate Ice Cream Day June 7. National Toothache Day is February 9th. That seems a bit misplaced to me. Should have been around the end of June after consuming untold amounts of sweets in February, April and June.

image of jelly beans
Sure, let’s all OD on sugar and then we can celebrate National Toothache Day together.

Bubble Bath Day? Let’s Add Wine To That!

Bubble Bath Day is January 8th. Now if we could combine that with National Have A Glass of Wine Day and National Read A Good Book Day it just might be one of my all time favorites days (at least way better than National Nude Gardening Day!)

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day – January 31st and Send a Card to a Friend Day – February 7th sound like two worthwhile days to me. Along with I Want You To Be Happy Day – March 3rd. Positive and fun. Three keepers in my book.

image of child blowing bubbles
I want you to be happy ~ let’s all blow bubbles and be happy!!

This One Will Be Popular For Sure!

No Diet Day – May 6th? I’m sure there are lots of people who would jump on that bandwagon. Along with Eat What You Want Day – May 11th could result in the month of June needing a National Let’s All Exercise More Day.

No socks day – May 8th. Since I’m one who believes flip-flops are the only way to be happy I’d definitely sign up for the no socks day.  June 2nd is National Go Barefoot Day? Sure, barefoot or flip flops, the best way to live life.

image of flip flops
National no sock day? Add in National flip flop day and you have a deal.

July 3rd – Compliment Your Mirror Day!! Not give yourself a compliment. Not pat yourself on the back. No, give your MIRROR a compliment. For what? Hanging on the wall and not falling off? I’m not kidding. You just can’t make this stuff up. It’s real. Google it.

And Here Are A Couple Of The More Common Ones

World Kindness Day November 13th and Make A Difference Day October 22nd are more well known and certainly more celebration worthy than November 19th which is Have A Bad Day Day!

November 29th – National Day of Listening seems like one that we all need to honor more. The world seems to need more listening and less talking. Combine that one with World Kindness Day – November 13th? Those two seem like a good combination. More listening and more kindness.

These are just a few of the highlights that I found interesting and/or amusing. How do these things get decided? Even though these days are called “national” whatever day, they aren’t federally declared.  By law there are 11 “National” holidays legislated by Congress.

So get a good laugh from some of the funny ones, celebrate the ones you choose or maybe dream up a new one of your own but don’t plan a vacation around any of these. Your boss probably doesn’t plan to recognize any of these by giving you the day off.

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  1. Reply

    I think some of the days are just plain silly 🙂 I don’t want to see any of my neighbors gardening in the buff for sure. But, National No Diet Day…I’m on board with that one lol

      • NoniKay
      • May 5, 2017

      I’d be on board with that National No Diet Day too 🙂 Some of these were pretty silly/funny for sure!!

  2. Reply

    lol, these are hilarious. Well I guess Il drop my drawers and go out to prune te rose bushes… ouch!! 😀

      • NoniKay
      • May 5, 2017

      That’s hilarious 🙂 Let me know how that works out LOL!!

    • Joyce Mulliken
    • May 5, 2017

    I appreciate the research … we all have our talents? And, you’re right, you can’t make this stuff up! LOL

      • NoniKay
      • May 5, 2017

      There are so many hilarious things in life. I enjoy seeking out the positive and funny. Glad it made you smile 🙂

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