New Chapter, Next Phase!

image of RV and truck

New Chapter, Next Phase!

And just like that, a new chapter starts as a piece of our lives pulled out of the RV park driveway on it’s way to a new chapter with a new owner. As my son so eloquently stated, “Next Phase!”

image of The Husband answering questions new chapter next phase
The Husband answers last minute questions

Yes, even though I’m totally excited about the opportunity to live in our Little House, lots of memories flashed through my mind as that pretty black truck pulled out, towing what was, for 3 1/2 years, my traveling home. In spite of the times I swore a home on wheels was way more trouble than it was worth, there were a lot good times in that house.

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And Just A Few Of The Memories. . . .

Grandkids coming to hang out, lunch with all of us crammed around our tiny RV table followed by a few hours of swimming in the pool at the RV park.

image of grandkids in RV park pool new chapter next phase
Grandkids enjoying RV park pool

Stepping over guests and their belongings when the entire living room was filled wall to wall with guests. The pull out air/hide-a-bed serving as our “guest room.” Happy hours and barbecues with friends in AZ during the winter on the patio outside our RV. Suffering through 113 degree Utah summer weather. Various parks we’ve stayed in, some good, some not so good. All interesting. Me learning to tow that huge beast and actually getting comfortable with towing. Something I never thought would happen.

Yes, it’s been a good house. To the proud new owner we wish all the best for many happy days filled with fun adventures!

image of handshake with new owner new chapter next phase
A final handshake and the proud new owner is on her way.

Homeless No More!

As for us? After several delays and a total of 5 weeks of homelessness, the day the RV pulled out was also our wedding anniversary. Timing, right? The previous day our furniture for Little House had been delivered and internet installed. Although our walls are bare, The Husband was in the midst of building shelving and we were still in dire need of a trip to IKEA, the one place we both wanted to celebrate our anniversary was at home, in Little House.

Occasionally I’m A Pretty Cheap Date

Take out pizza and a bottle of wine. Yup, occasionally I’m a pretty cheap date but being at home with wine & pizza sounded perfect for this year’s celebration.

image of anniversary wine and pizza new chapter next phase
Happy Anniversary to us! Pizza and wine in Little House. A great way to end the day.

So exciting to be starting out on another entirely new adventure! It’s the little things that mean the most and make the most meaningful memories. Listening to Glen Campbell’s music, remembering his talent and the music he gave us. Drinking wine, eating pizza with The Husband. Looking out the front window of Little House onto a peaceful neighborhood. Pretty thankful for the amazing life we live.

And We Head Out Again

As this new week starts we’re on the road again for a fun trip with the cousins. Heading to one of my favorite Washington State spots. The only hint I’ll give is that it involves water. Of course, if you’ve been following us at all you already know how happy being near water makes me.

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