Are You an OLD Rocker Too? I Still Am!

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Are You an OLD Rocker too?

Are you an old rocker?  I love the rock and roll music of the 1960’s.  Loud, fast, hard driving and memorable.  The first LP I owned was Cream – Crossroads.  Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker were amazing. Just about wore it out on the turntable.  I turned on the TV for the first time this week and saw one of the music of the 60’s rock and roll shows.  Thus my reminiscing.  Are you an old rocker too? image of jukebox are you an old rocker too? I still am I seem to mark the times of my life with the music that was popular at the time.  I still do that now.  Where I lived, So here goes the oldies!

How about Country into Rock and Roll?

How about Country into Rock and Roll?  KCVL radio AM 1240 in Colville, WA and KJRB AM 95 in Spokane, WA played the music of the 1960s. The first song I ever remember was Marty Robbins singing “out in the west Texas town of El Paso, I fell in love with a Mexican girl.” What a tragic story and great voice.  Last year, I listened to Bruce Mullan from Deep Lake recreate Marty Robbins in a great show at Greenfield Village RV Resort and receive a standing ovation.  He and my cousin Betsy still perform great oldies to large crowds here in Arizona. My humble opinion, Bruce still has it.  Chuck Barry showed us the “duck walk” to Reelin and Rocking. Elvis took jazz and plantation blues, in a funny little one room studio with old style acoustical ceiling tiles and 1 microphone, and Jailhouse Rock was born. I sold a couple houses that had better acoustics in their garages.  Sun Studios in Memphis Tennessee was a great tour for old rockers.

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The British Invasion

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The Beatles in the early days!

British Invasion. The Beatles and those funny Beatle boots, tight pants and long hair. My God, the long hair and that “damn loud noise” did not go over well with my Stepdad. John, Paul, George and Ringo took Jazz and Blues and turned it into Rock and Roll. All My Loving, Twist and Shout, While My Guitar Gently Weeps. My favorite lyric “close your eyes and I’ll kiss you”.  Rolling Stones with Satisfaction, was what every young person was looking for at that time. And my goodness, that Mick Jagger fellow was “such a vulgar dancer.”  No twerking in those days. Remember this was a much different era in our society which was changed dramatically by the music of the 1960’s.

Beach Music Totally USA

Beach Music.  Totally USA with Jan and Dean and Deadman’s Curve.  What 16 year old in any small town on the backroads in the USA didn’t relate directly to a drag race. Beach Boys had such an exclusive sound that must have been Brian Wilson’s voice. Giddyup Giddy 409 and California girls. In those days the small town boys in Eastern Washington had never been to California, never seen a California girl or beach and didn’t have any movies or social media to understand it. But every one of us had been in a drag race. So we had our fantasies.  Just so you know, my wife and I love the beach.  Funny to think, but I never went to the ocean until I was 23 years old. Well this post is too long, so I will continue with part 2 of Are You an Old Rocker Too? In the next post. Come back in a couple of days.  Thanks.

My Gratitudes for Today

1- My wife and kids and grandkids.  They all enjoy music.

2- Music of all kinds, especially Old Rock and Roll and the music of the 1960’s.

3-Our daughter, who is a tremendous piano teacher, a wonderful person of course, and the fact that she can laugh at me.

4-All the girls who danced with me when I was a long haired, skinny, redneck farm kid really scared of girls.

5-Growing up in a time when our whole country was changing.

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