The Ongoing Saga Of What Can Go Wrong Next?


I’m beginning to feel like this blog is simply a timeline in the ongoing saga of “what can go wrong next” with this RV?? The latest issue is the furnace. We’ve now been without a furnace for the past couple weeks.

About two weeks ago we woke to hear the furnace clicking on, going off, clicking on again and again. It wouldn’t stay on and the only air that was coming into the RV was cold. Not a good sign. Even though we are in AZ it can get down into the 40’s at night and some supplemental heat is necessary.

The Waiting Game Started

The Husband checked the propane supply and found the tanks full.  A call was placed to a heating/cooling mobile RV service (Repair Guy #1).  After everything was checked it appeared that possibly either the gas valve or the electronic ignition board had gone bad.  This was late in the day, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Nothing more could be done until after the Thanksgiving holiday.

image of RV propane furnace Today's episode in the ongoing saga of what can go wrong next
RV propane furnace

Monday after Thanksgiving arrived and with it came Repair Guy #1. Tools in hand he tore into the furnace. In keeping with Murphy’s Law, he disconnected a hose and found oil dripping out.  I’m not a heating/cooling tech but even I know there shouldn’t be oil in the propane lines.

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Upon further investigation it appeared we had gotten some bad propane. Maybe the furnace isn’t bad after all, but not having any decent fuel to burn, shut itself off. Several phone calls later The Husband found out that it would cost us $50 each to have the two tanks purged and be ready for fuel again. Two new tanks (guaranteed to be free of any oil or other foreign substances) could be purchased for $60 each. Needless to say, we chose the new tank option.

We installed the new tanks, fired up the furnace to test it and again it shut itself off repeatedly.  Although bad fuel may have been part of the problem, it obviously wasn’t all of the problem.  Repair Guy #1 now believed that the problem may be the gas valve which may or may not have been tainted by the bad propane.

And Then I Started Researching Repair Guy #1

Preparing to write this blog about this most recent saga, I attempted to link his website to this article. Although the website is painted on the side of his truck, it wasn’t on his business card. I found that the website didn’t go to his business or ANY business. When searched through I found his stated website was available and could be purchased for $9.88/year. All kinds of  “buyer beware” red flags were now going off in my head so The Husband and I started searching online. We were unable to find any business license, certification records, bonding, insurance, or Better Business Bureau information for his stated business.

The Husband had initially found Repair Guy #1 through a list of “approved vendors” provided by our current park.  After our attempts to gain further info about this business failed, The Husband received a call from Repair Guy #1 bright and early the next morning. Repair Guy is pondering what he’ll do next and The Husband bluntly asks, “are you just guessing or do you actually have any idea what is wrong with our furnace?”  The Husband then stated, “I’m concerned because we checked out your website and found it doesn’t exist and you’ve now had this apart several times over the past week and still we have no heat.” Repair Guy #1 says, “yes, I’m just guessing so you can just find somebody else to fix the damn thing.” And HUNG UP the phone!! Yes, he actually HUNG UP ON THE HUSBAND!!!

Next up on The Husbands agenda?  A conversation with our park office giving them a heads up to consider removing this particular business name from their list of approved vendors.

Enter The Cavalry! Repair Guy #2 ~ Huge Recommendation Goes To Him!

Additional research was done. Repair Guy #2 (bonded, licensed, approved by Better Business Bureau AND has a valid functional website as well as a valid business address) found and scheduled. Juan, the owner of Four Points RV Service LLC was knowledgeable, experienced, prepared and reasonably priced. He had the problem diagnosed and repaired within 45 minutes and we now have HEAT again!! Thank you Juan! Not only were we impressed with your customer service and your technical expertise, we were thoroughly impressed with you personally. You are just a really truly nice guy!!

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