Packing Begins! Only Days Til We Head North!

image of Spokane WA

Packing Begins! Only Days Til We Head North!

And again the packing begins! We are now within days of our planned departure time from Arizona and The Husband is still on the injured list. We’re headed North for the spring/summer. It’s happy happy time for me, once we get there, as Washington is synonymous with FAMILY!! Yay! It’s tough for me to be so far away from our family for long stretches of time. I’m the kind of Mom/Grandma that really misses my kids/grandkids.

image of Lake Union WA ST packing begins only days till we head north
Lake Union in beautiful WA State!

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But back to the subject at hand, packing up, getting ready to pull out. When you consider that we are moving our “house” I guess the process isn’t really too extensive. However, when you are in the middle of organizing, packing, repacking, etc., it starts to seem a little mind boggling. Typically, The Husband takes care of all of the outside “stuff.” My domain is usually just the interior of the RV. This year with The Husband only two weeks out from dislocating his shoulder, it’s a whole different ballgame.

image of truck & RV packing begins only days till we head north
Crossing Snoqualmie Pass in WA State 2014

The Husbands Limitations

No lifting, twisting or turning the right arm for The Husband. So unhooking the propane tanks, getting them filled at Camping World and back into their compartment in the RV becomes a bit more of an issue. Likewise, all the moving and loading of lawn furniture, barbecue, barbecue table, etc., into the underneath storage compartments. Moving our picnic table to a friends home for storage until next season. Hooking the RV up to the truck, all formerly outdoor Husband chores which he won’t be doing. We’re still a few days away from our actual “go” date so we are coordinating some helpers to get any tasks accomplished that are too heavy for me.

image of pacific ocean oregon coast packing begins only days till we head north
One of my happy places! Pacific Ocean ~ Oregon Coast

Without Our Primary Driver, Guess Who Is Left?

The Husband generally does the major portion of the driving when we are towing the RV. I’m typically only the relief driver to give him an hour or two break each day. This trip those roles will have to be reversed. Towing a 38’ RV isn’t what could be classified as “a relaxed drive.” You are very literally “driving” every inch of the way. Even driving with only his left hand, that type of driving will stress his back, neck and shoulder muscles necessitating shorter stints at the wheel. So wish me luck everyone. Like it or not, I get to be the lead in this upcoming rodeo!! No sightseeing from the highway for me this trip.  No snapping  a cool photo here or there as we pass by things that catch my eye. I’ll keep you updated as we head North.

Ladies, I’d Love Your Input 🙂

Ladies, I’m interested to hear input from you. Do you drive your RV or does your spouse/significant other do all the driving? If you don’t typically share driving responsibilities, do you know HOW to drive it? In an emergency, could you take over and get to your destination? So many unforeseen things can change even the best laid plans. While towing definitely isn’t my favorite thing, I am glad I know how to do it.

And now back to the packing and organizing!

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