Who Has Your Personal Information Online Genealogy?

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Who Has Your Personal Information Online?

So who has your Personal Information Online?  It turns out that it is almost everywhere.  What about your genealogy or identity theft? I found a website FamilyTreeNow.com that has search information from many public sources.  It had my information including my year of birth and over 15 of my prior addresses. My kids and step kids and a couple of my grandkids, brothers, my first wife, my deceased second wife and my current wife all connected together.  Now this is incredibly creepy that there is so much personal information online readily available in two clicks of the keyboard.  I checked  with www.directnic.com and the whois website search. I found the company is registered in Ontario, Canada and managed through California.

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Is this connected to your Genealogy?

Some people spend hours and hours finding their lineage and I know that the study of genealogy for some religions is considered very important.  Many years ago, my aunt tracked a portion of the McNinch family back to Ireland.  I thought this was interesting and we actually found a couple of small villages where the clan may have lived.  Interesting to know that genealogy.  The FamilyTreeNow website may be helpful to those doing genealogy research.  Or it may be connected to Ancestry.com for that kind of research.  I have BIG concerns though.

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What about Identity Theft and Scammers?

In my prior career as a Washington State Trooper, I ran into many criminals who enjoyed the “game” of crime. They enjoyed being the robber and not the cop.  Some had no remorse, no conscience and no concern for anyone else.  I do not want identity theft scammers and those who are identity thieves to know all about my family.  How easy is it for them to find an old address, the names of some of my kids, my ex-wife’s name, my mother’s name (remember the backup info on many accounts .. what is your mother’s maiden name?)  Too easy for identity theft to occur.  A criminal obtains this information, signs up for credit using someone else’s name (maybe yours), changes the address, gets a new credit card and they are off running to spend money in your name. Of course, by the time they are caught, your credit is thrashed.

How to Opt Out

So here are the directions to opt out of FamilyTreeNow.com

1. find yourself on the website

2. go all the way down to privacy at the bottom of the page and click on the link

3. scroll about 1/3 of the way down that page until you see a blue hyperlink that says opt out here

4. search your information, once you find it click view details and then the next page will have a red button that says something like opt out here

Share This Info Please

If this info has been helpful, please share this blog post to your friends and family.  It may be the website is entirely legitimate for genealogy and just looking to help other people locate relatives or sell some of their information.  Hopefully they won’t find any more of my relatives there though. There are enough crazy disasters in our life without one more.

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