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Have you heard the expression, “Play to Your Audience?” I had, but it really didn’t mean much to me until a recent trip to the local Verizon store while we were in AZ for the winter.

As most know, AZ is home to thousands and thousands of retirees escaping the cold northern climate (snowbirds) in the winter. Therefore, it was no surprise to see, upon entering the phone store, that every customer there looked to be of retirement age. The only people who appeared to be under the age of 50 were employees.

The snowbird customer base didn’t grow up with cell phones, internet or wifi. Also, they don’t work with this stuff 8 to 10 hours per day as do the employees. Therefore, it surprised me when one of the young salesmen “explained” things to the elderly man with whom he was working in the most rapid fire conversation I’d heard in some time. My heart went out to the customer who very obviously (at least to me) wasn’t “getting it.” His unfamiliarity with a new product  coupled with the rapid fire explanation of the salesman appeared to only be confusing him.

Sales and customer service people would do well to observe their customer base a bit more closely. Explain the product more slowly and ask during the explanation if your customer has questions. Does it look like they are “getting” it? Don’t assume they are able to grasp the new technology as rapidly as the younger set who have never known life without the internet.


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Remember, the boomer generation are now your snowbird customers and they are a huge generation with a lot of purchasing power. So look around at your pool of customers, maybe turn down the store stereo system a notch so they can hear your product explanations better and “play to your audience.”


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