Points To Ponder As You Choose Your Ideal Home

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Points To Ponder As You Choose Your Ideal Home

As we prepare to move from our 38′ 5th wheel which has been “home” for the past 3 1/2 years we look back on the points we pondered while choosing our ideal home. We are retired so what works for us now may not have worked when we were at different stages in our lives.

Prior to The Husband’s retirement he had a busy residential real estate business in Renton, WA. For any of our readers not familiar with the current real estate market in Seattle/Renton area, it’s one of the hottest in the nation.

At the time we left, it wasn’t unusual to get 3 or 4 good solid offers for each listing and we received several on our condo within the first 48 hours it was on the market. In the past 3 years since we sold, the market has gone totally bananas in major portions of Western Washington.

Location, Location, Location!

The influx of people, the higher cost of living, the gridlock traffic and the rain all helped us decide that the West side of Washington State wasn’t ever going to be home for us again. Visits are great but it’s not where we want to live. Yes, it is true, it’s all about location, location, location.

image of Seattle residential area as seen from Lake Union points to ponder as you choose your ideal home www.happyhour786.com
Seattle residential area as seen from Lake Union

The Husband and I both love to travel and will continue to do so. But we needed a base. A place to call home when we were ready to sell the RV.   Washington State has always been home to us and always will be.  That helped us narrow our search to Eastern Washington where the cost of living is more reasonable and there’s way less rain! Oh, and way less traffic!!

So? What Type Of Neighborhood?

Once you’ve decided on a general location, what’s next? Type of neighborhood was the next consideration for us. There has been an explosion in recent years of 55 and over communities. Many of these are gated, on or near a golf course, have amenities such as a community pool, clubhouse, etc. We have friends in several states that live in this type of community. That location was their choice and they like it.

The 55 and over community isn’t our cup of tea. We enjoy visiting there, but having spent time over the past two winters in them, we realized we missed the mix of age groups found in a regular neighborhood. To only see people your own age or older all day every day?? Depressing! That’s how it affected me. Don’t get me wrong. I really like people our age. However, I don’t ONLY like people our ages. I like people of all ages. I love glancing up and seeing someone walking by with a little one in a stroller, or seeing young children playing. It’s the variety, to me, that makes a neighborhood interesting and fun.

image of Spokane River points to ponder as you choose your ideal home www.happyhour786.com
Spokane River
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Do You Have A Specific City In Mind?

Several discussions ensued as we weighed the pros and cons of various locations in Eastern Washington. Spokane was the city that kept ending up at the top of our list. And Spokane ultimately won. We would search for our next stationary home in Spokane. In a neighborhood with a mix of age groups. Within walking distance of parks, coffee shops, maybe a restaurant or two?

image of outdoor patio at Central Food Spokane points to ponder as you choose your ideal home www.happyhour786.com
Outdoor dining at Central Food overlooking the Spokane River

Now we had narrowed our search even further. We knew what town we wanted to buy in and what type of neighborhood. Many evenings were spent last year driving around various areas of Spokane looking at the homes for sale there.

We considered the overall look of the neighborhood. Were the homes well cared for? What was the occupancy rate of the neighborhood? Any vacant/abandoned buildings?  Away from busy thoroughfares?  Within walking distance of stores? Coffeeshops? Schools? Churches? Library?

image of Manito Park Spokane WA points to ponder as you choose your ideal home www.happyhour786.com
Manito Park – one of Spokane’s finest parks!

Spokane is growing and although the market isn’t as hot as the west side of the state (yet) things were definitely starting to move last year. We narrowed our search further and decided on two specific areas of the city. If we could find a home that worked for us in one of those two areas we would make an offer.

And. . .We Found It!!

Last year at about this time, we lucked out. A great little house came on the market. It met all our criteria for size, neighborhood, condition of the home, price, everything. We made an offer. We were incredibly lucky and our offer was the one accepted of the 3 the seller received within the first 24 hours after it hit the market.

We’re now one month away from moving into our little Spokane home. If all goes as planned by this time next week the RV and the truck will be the full-time home for the new owner. The Husband and I will be on the road over the next month enjoying several trips throughout Washington and Oregon. Don’t miss out. Some of the places we have in mind may be places you want to add to your own bucket list.

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