Quincy WA – A Tiny Spot On The Map, A Hive Of Activity

image of Nature's light show Quincy WA

Quincy WA – A Tiny Spot On The Map, A Hive Of Activity

A tiny spot on the map, smack dab in the middle of WA State, Quincy becomes a hive of activity in the fall each year. Quincy is home to two very different types of “farming.” One agricultural, the other, data centers or server farms.

Two Types Of Farming

For years the term “farming” meant agricultural farming. Since 2007 when large “server” farms came to Quincy the term “farm” has also come to mean server farms (data storage centers) for huge internet companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, Intel and Dell. Acres and acres of land covered with warehouses housing giant server units. Although Quincy is host to these two very different types of farming, today I want to talk about Quincy’s original farming style – agriculture. They grow SO much food!  Your food and mine!!

image of bean harvest Quincy WA a tiny spot on the map, a hive of activity www.happyhour786.com
Kehl Farms bean harvest in full swing. Drone photo credit: Brett Kehl


The Quincy farming community grows so many of our dietary staples. . .beans, potatoes, wheat, peas, corn and apples to name a few. Vineyards have increased in recent years as have the number of wineries. Such a diversity of crops!  The only time you don’t  see someone working in the fields is mid-winter when the ground is typically frozen and covered in snow.

image of wheat harvest Quincy WA a tiny spot on the map a hive of activity www.happyhour786.com
Huge combines harvesting the wheat crop. Drone photo credit: Brett Kehl

Monstrous High Tech Machines

Watching the monster machines that harvest these crops in action is fascinating. I grew up on a farm but a very different type of farming it was back then. Less manual labor is required now thanks to advances in technology. The first time I saw someone control the timing of an irrigation circle from a cell phone was a revelation to me! Farming is high tech business now. How appropriate that this little agricultural farming community now is home to high tech server farms.

image of Quincy farmland Quincy WA a tiny spot on the map a hive of activity www.happyhour786.com
Quincy farmland view from the air. Drone photo credit: Brett Kehl

Farmer-Consumer Awareness Day

Each year on the 2nd Saturday of September Quincy celebrates it’s agricultural roots with Farmer Consumer Awareness Day. Started in 1981, this event is an opportunity for consumers to connect with the source of their food and get to know the farmers who produce our groceries. Expanding each year, the event now boasts a grand parade, fun run, agricultural tours, produce sales, Hot Air Balloon show, fireworks and many other activities.

September 9th was the day for this year’s celebration. We typically find ourselves in WA State in September and this celebration just happens to coincide with a grandson’s birthday. For many years we’ve celebrated his birthday with a family party followed by everyone piling into multiple vehicles and heading to Lauzier Park in Quincy to watch the fireworks show.

image of aerial fireworks quincy wa Quincy WA a tiny spot on the map a hive of activity www.happyhour786.com
Beautiful aerial shots in the very abbreviated fireworks display.


This Year Disappointed Many!

This show has historically been the best fireworks display in Eastern Washington. Shows in the past have lasted 30-45 minutes. Non-stop huge aerial fireworks. Sadly, this year the show only lasted 7 minutes. What a disappointment for so many who drove miles to see the show. In previous years fireworks fans grabbed sweatshirts and set up lawn chairs to settle in for the beautiful show.

image of people filling up city park Quincy WA a tiny spot on the map, a hive of activity www.happyhour786.com
Locals and visitors filling up the park in anticipation of the fireworks show.

This year people barely had set up their chairs before the show was over.  We can only hope this year was a one time occurence and hope next years show will again be 30-45 minutes duration.

image of fireworks Farmer Consumer Awareness Day quincy wa a tiny spot on the map, a hive of activity www.happyhour786.com
Farmer Consumer Awareness Day fireworks

Are you interested in learning a bit more about how and where your food is produced? Mark your calendar for the 2nd Saturday in September 2018. Plan to be in Quincy for Farmer Consumer Awareness Day. Fun activities for all age groups are available as well as  educational tours and demonstrations.

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Sunset featured photo credit: Tyson W. Yount

Drone photo credit: Brett Kehl

Fireworks photos: Yours Truly
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