Racing Over The Dunes At 60 MPH!

image of NoniKay and The Husband riding the sand rails in the Oregon dunes.

Racing Over The Dunes At 60 MPH!

Want a little adventure? Try racing over the dunes at 60 mph! An adrenaline filled adventure which will, for me, always be the best part of Florence, Oregon. Sign me up for the repeat run!

Our grown kids and grandkids that have been to Florence all told us, “You have to ride the dunes!” They further advised going with one of the company drivers instead of trying to drive ourselves. They said, “oh, you’ll get a MUCH better ride if you let those guys do the driving. They’re amazing!” Such good advice.

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Sandland Adventures was the company some of the kids had used and recommended. We contacted them and made a reservation for the following day. Our options were fast ride? Or slow ride? Fast of course!! Half hour ride? Or hour? The Husband said, “we didn’t drive all this way to do a 1/2 hour ride, we’ll take the hour!”

image of our sand rail driver Kyle racing over the dunes at 60 mph
Our awesome driver, Kyle.

I Now Know How Toddlers Feel – RE.STRICT.ED!!

Arriving at the staging area 20 minutes prior to our appointed ride time, as requested, we met our assigned driver, Kyle. Two other couples, The Husband and I got seated and buckled into our 5 point harness seat belts. I now know exactly how toddlers feel when we buckle them into today’s carseats. Restricted!! However, as we flew over the dunes at 60 mph it no longer felt restrictive. It was obviously needed to keep us from flying out of the sand rail. Goggles are supplied by the company and, like the 5 point harness, they are much appreciated and needed.

Ginormous Pretty Much Describes This Area!

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area covers approximately 40 miles from Coos Bay, Oregon on the south end to Florence, Oregon on the north. With over 31,000 acres, the immensity is hard to fathom by just reading the figures. Get out there on a sand rail and it starts to sink in a little more. Some dunes rise 500 feet above sea level.

Hitting the top of one of the higher dunes Kyle stopped as we reached the crest, turned around and said, “welcome to my office!” Oh, to have ever had an office with that view. Random little lakes dot the dunes unexpectedly and the ocean stretches to the west.

An hour of fast fast fast riding was broken up for a couple of minutes when Kyle stopped on the beach, got out and grabbed several perfect seashells for each of the women in our rig. Then it was off again at top speed.  This short YouTube video put out by Sandland Adventures  gives you an idea of the beauty of the dunes.

Let The Pros Drive So You Can Enjoy The Ride!

It was easy to see why the kids/grandkids had recommended that we let these professionals do the driving. They know this area like the back of their hands and give one hell of a ride! Way more fun than having to be the one responsible for driving.

I don’t mind admitting that I was a bit nervous about The Husband signing us up for the hour ride. There are no refunds and he had already paid or I may have chickened out and opted for the 1/2 hour one. Wrong choice for sure! What a blast!

image of windblown NoniKay and The Husband racing over the dunes at 60 mph
Windblown and full of sand but what a blast!!

We got back windblown with sand in our hair, ears. . .well, pretty much everywhere. Just a little free microderm abrasion treatment! And ready to sign up for another run! This is something I would do again in a heartbeat. If any of you will be in the Florence, OR area try to fit in some time to take this fun ride! You won’t regret it, I promise!!

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Additional information about the Oregon Dunes Recreational Area here.

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