25 Random Facts About Me

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25 Random Facts About Me

Have you ever made a list of random facts about yourself? I thought it might be fun. I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to come up with 25 but once I started I found it wasn’t too difficult. So here we go…

1 – I’m an introvert. Always have been but definitely more so since retirement. I covet my “alone” time. It is what restores me and gives me energy for the next “socializing” event.

2 – I’m a coffee addict. Good coffee. My favorite for the past 8 years or so has been D&M Coffee (#notsponsored) from Ellensburg, WA.  When we are traveling I order 10 bags of beans at a time. They keep well in their sealed bags until I’m ready to grind them.

3 – Bathtubs as a way to relax! One of my favorite relaxation methods. A downside to living in an RV (at least for me) is NO bathtub!

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Sweating? Gag!

4 – Sweating is disgusting to me. I hate to sweat. Hence the reason I like the swimming pool, walking and my rebounder  as methods of exercise.

5 – I grew up on a dairy farm. The Darigold truck came regularly to our farm to pick up milk and cream.

6 – Schools? I attended a 2 room school from 1st grade through a portion of my 8th grade year.

7 – I took German (for a brief time) in college. Thinking it would be “easy” as I’d heard it in our home all through my childhood. Yeah, I was in for a rude awakening!!

8 – I’m a middle child.

Favorite Authors Includes A Heads Up For You About A NEW Upcoming One!

9 – Although I don’t read fiction very often, my favorite fiction author is Jodi Picoult . The woman sucks you into the story and you just can’t put it down. My favorite new author of historical fiction is my sister, Nancy Jarmin. Wait until you see her book hit the shelves! I’ve read a couple of excerpts and it’s outstanding. As soon as I know a publication date I’ll let you know.

10 – One of  best things that has happened in recent years (imho) is internet shopping! Love it! Bet you can tell that I’m not big on regular shopping.

11- Stepmom. Now there’s a title I didn’t expect ever in my life. But I’m a stepmom. It’s actually a pretty easy gig as I didn’t get my “stepkids” until they were adults. Easy Peasy.

12 – At one time I thought I might want to be a nurse.

13 – I’m  a huge fan of organically grown fruit, vegetables, meat, etc. Who needs all the chemicals, pesticides and growth hormones, that are dumped on mainstream food in this country? You know how much of our “food” would be illegal in other countries??

image of veggies 25 random facts about me www.happyhour786.com
I’m a fan of organically grown fruits and veggies

The Multiple Different Hats

14 – I was a room mother. Multiple times.

15 – My extracurricular job description included soccer mom, baseball mom,  cheerleading mom, dance mom, music mom and for a brief time, a football mom.

16 – Casual pretty much describes me. I’m very casual. Casual dress, casual get togethers, casual life. So much easier that way. And (in my opinion) more fun!

17 – I’m very hard of hearing. To the point that I had to start wearing hearing aids 7 years ago. (Let me tell you, science has evolved in the area of sight correction much more than hearing correction!)

18 – I’m kind of a spelling nazi. Drives me crazy when I see spelling errors in print. (Hopefully I don’t miss any on the blog. I would hate for my readers to find them now that you all know I’m kind of a freak about them LOL.)

19 – I was a proof reader for a newspaper for several years (many years ago). Maybe I was good at that job because of #18??

Favorite Places And Fun Things

20 – Sunsets and the changing sky never cease to amaze me. Different every day and changing by the minute. Such beauty!

image of beach sunset 25 random facts about me www.happyhour786.com
Gorgeous sunsets on the beach

21 – The ocean, I love the ocean!! I love sunshine too so maybe San Diego is a good place for me?? Nah, too far from the kids/grandkids.

22 – I like to cook and bake. Just not every day. I get in moods when it’s fun to cook a variety of dinners and/or bake some new desserts.

23 – Some drivers make me nuts!! Really, 55 in the inside lane? Are you for real?

24 – I love to drive. Just get in the car and drive. Explore fun places and stop when you see something interesting to explore.

25 – One of my favorite expressions when I’m frustrated or irritated is “freakin’ A.” Don’t even ask me what that means. It just seems to fit so many situations. So there you have my 25 random facts about me. How about sharing 1 or 2 random facts about yourself in our comments section below this post? We love hearing from you, our readers.

And as promised, here are my Gratitudes for today 🙂

1 – The Husband and our kids/grandkids

2 – The newest member of our family, my grand daughter’s husband. By the time you read this our first born grand daughter will be married and on her honeymoon. We are beyond grateful for this young happy couple.

3 – Airplanes. As uncomfortable as flying has become in recent years, I’m still grateful for the airplanes that speed us home to WA for family events. Travel in hours instead of days.

4 – Suitcases with spinning wheels!!   Seriously, suitcases have come a long way!!

5 – My quilting teacher! I’m learning how to quilt (the right way, as opposed to the way I taught myself.) We have a class of 12 retired ladies here at our RV park. Our teacher truly does have the patience of Job!

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