Random Thoughts as We Travel and Odd Things We See

image of ocean beach

 Random Thoughts as We Travel and Odd Things We See

Now that we travel north and south, winter and summer, WA to AZ and back in our truck and fifth wheel trailer, I have time to ruminate on odd things we see.   Funny roads, goofy signs, crazy drivers, people behaving oddly, beautiful scenery and the breathtaking beauty of the US.  I am a huge extrovert, love to be out in the middle of things, soaking it all in.  This post will have some random thoughts and odd things that we see.

image of ice cream shop random thoughts and odd things we see
Fun little ice cream shop ~ Lincoln City, Oregon

We Both Love the Pacific Ocean

We both love the Pacific Ocean and have spent lots of time on the Oregon and Washington coast.  In fact NoniKay and I were married on the beach at the Washington Coast town of Moclips.  Condos for us and each of our kids’ families plus all the grandkids.   Sand, driftwood, sunshine, light ocean breeze and perfect waves were our backdrop.  All the kids and grandkids (one is a Pastor, so that was covered too) smiling and loving us.  Perfect day. Beautiful bride. Private and perfect. We had everyone we wanted and no one extra.

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image of kite flying at ocean random thoughts and odd things we see
Kite flying fun ~ Lincoln City, Oregon

Houses on Stilts Hanging Over The Ocean

After the wedding, we headed out for the honeymoon.  Walking on the beach on the Oregon coast, we saw houses on stilts hanging over the ocean, with the water undercutting the yards and sometimes the foundations.   Scary to think that the house may crash down the cliff into the ocean anytime. People were living in most of them!  So who would buy one?  I know as a retired real estate broker that it takes all cash because NO ONE will finance this.   Random thought, so let’s drive to the top and look.  Lots of For Sale signs and then other signs telling people “do not walk behind the house.” Ya Think!  Who would buy that?  I mean an ocean view is spectacular and God doesn’t make any more of those, but not if you are going to fall into the beach.  Not me.  Worse yet are houses on hillsides on stilts because the hillside has sloughed away.  The porch is drooping, the roof is slanting and they don’t even have a view.  And some people call RVers “trailer trash”, I think not.

image of hillside home
Yikes! Thin air is what supports that deck!!

Libraries Are So Modern Now

Often we visit the local libraries in different towns.   Libraries are so modern now.  Electronic books, no card catalogs, rows and rows of computers, lots of electrical plugins for the laptops. No Dewey Decimal System now, at least I don’t think so.  I really like that it is still really quiet, well at least the kids.  It seems there is still that one LOUD grownup that demands to talk on their phone in their normal voice.  That is a different story and NoniKay already wrote a great post about that. But here is a random thought, “SHUT UP!” So it’s a minor irritation.  Most libraries provide fast and free WI-FI so I see a lot of RVers checking email, paying bills and taking care of business.  Especially since many RV parks advertise wi-fi, but it is generally practically useless due to bandwidth.   The Library in Deer Park, WA sits in the pine trees near a gully with a creek in the bottom.  Beautiful windows on one side and, of course, whitetail deer and wild turkeys on the path about 10 feet from the windows.  In town, btw. Spectacular.

Bad Phone Customer Service and the 12 Step Menu

My pet peeve.  I will say it again, my pet peeve is bad phone customer service and the 12 step menu.  You call the customer service (support, LOL)  800 number which is invariably busy several times.  Finally you get through to be on hold for 22 minutes.  Then you answer a bunch of questions and push 6 and 3 and ZERO to speak to a live human.  Back on hold AGAIN.  After a while (actually it feels like HOURS and HOURS) but actually only another 22 minutes or so, a live human answers. Thank you Lord!  They ask to help, I start to explain the situation and they start talking really fast with their solution.  PLEASE – you haven’t even heard the problem yet.  So you slow them down POLITELY (usually) and explain.  “Oh, that is someone else’s department” they say and you are on hold before you can say anything. Another 22 minutes and another wonderful person comes on the line.  They have no idea who I am or why I gave my account number or what the problem is, SO WE START OVER.  They listen, take more information and ask to put me on a “quick hold.”  AND WE GET CUT OFF….. DAMN!   Put the problem away for today.  Bad Phone Customer Service. I am old and retired and supposed to be relaxed and instead of that, my blood pressure is 199/177, my gray hair is on fire and my attitude has gone to Hell Sh_t Crap. Like I said, “my pet peeve.”  We’ll solve the issue (this one was with the devil company Verizon, a phone company) another day.  Thank goodness it’s time for HappyHour and I have wonderful friends with an adult beverage and food to get me calmed down. Freaking A, as the wife says.

What Odd Things Do You See in Your Travels

What odd things do you see in your travels?  Interesting things on the road?  Amazing vehicles and people? Do you think about the same things as I?  What random thoughts do you have? And what are your Pet Peeves?  I will bet money that bad phone customer service is one of your top peeves.  And what is a Peeve anyway? I’ll write more again some time. So the guy calls the phone company because his elderly mother’s phone doesn’t work.  After all the rigamarole and the 12 Step Menu, the customer service person says, (wait for it, it’s priceless) (are you ready) “can’t you just please have your mother call us”.   Mic drop. True story.  Sad but true.


  1. NoniKay my best blessing, thank you Lord.
  2. Our kids and grandkids.  Their smiles and loving hearts.
  3. Brett who just married in and became the newest grandkid.  Smart, hardworking, loving guy, welcome to our family.
  4. Our Country and Freedoms.  So many people in so many places to search out and visit.
  5. Our truck and our house and ability to travel.

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