Road Trippin’ Saturday to Thursday

image of old Ford truck road trippin' Saturday to Thursday

Road Trippin’ Saturday to Thursday

Spring is here and for us that means road trippin’. Saturday to Thursday is the plan as we head North before the weather in the South gets uncomfortably hot. The last couple days in AZ were a flurry of good-byes, trying to see everyone before we all headed out. The dates vary by a few days or weeks but by the beginning of May almost 90% of the RV Park is gone. Snowbirds headed home, wherever that may be. We’re told that only 10% of the population of the park reside there year around.

Day One

Tuesday April 8th, 2017 – Thanks to The Husband’s injury, our prep time this year was a bit different. A great friend and ex-neighbor from our days in Renton, WA., helped for several hours  prepping and packing the underbelly of the RV. Bless his heart, he came back Saturday morning bright and early to hook us up and get us on the road. We are so grateful for such good friends who have been so amazingly helpful since The Husband got hurt.

By 10:30 we were pulling out of the park and headed North. Because I hate pulling the RV through Phoenix, AZ and Salt Lake City, UT,  The Husband agreed (even with his injured shoulder) he would drive the first hour. That would get us out of the Mesa/Phoenix area (yes, it takes us exactly ONE HOUR to get out of Phoenix)!! Phoenix is the 5th largest metropolitan area in the U.S.

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Thank You Nevada and Arizona For The Addition of Art!

Something we have noticed in Arizona and Nevada is the beautiful artwork done on the whisper walls,  highway ramps and abutments. Not only does it add so much beauty to an otherwise boring, ugly piece of concrete, but graffiti artists seem to respect it and leave it unmarred.

Art improves an otherwise ugly piece of concrete
Beautiful art seen in AZ and NV!

The Husband drove to Wickenburg, AZ where we made our first stop and traded drivers. Any of you who have driven this route, know that my upcoming turn was going to be primarily two lane roads, as opposed to the 4 lanes we would have for the majority of our trip. It is truly frightening to see what happens on a two lane road. Seriously people? There are an abundance of passing lanes and all the trucks and RVs we saw were diligent about using them. For the safety of all of us, everyone needs to remember to exercise a little patience and wait for a passing lane or a really good clear spot before passing trucks and large RVs.

We saw some beautiful desert colors as we drove. Spring is such a beautiful time of year! Purples, yellows, golds, greens and pinks mixed in with the cacti result in a palette of beauty no artist can match. Unfortunately, since I was the driver, I wasn’t able to take any photos of that beauty to share with you.

And We Find A 50’s Diner

No breakdowns means a great day!! The wind was picking up considerably by the time we reached Kingman, AZ so we were both glad that we were done for the day. We pulled into Sunrise RV Park, got hooked up and headed out for dinner. Last time we stayed in this RV Park we had noticed a 50’s style diner across the road and decided it looked like a future possibility. We walked the few blocks between the RV Park and the restaurant in about 20-25 mph wind. Canyon 66 Restaurant and Lounge  is located on the old Route 66 West and like most 50’s style diners, it features old cars, lots of memorabilia from the 50’s and hamburgers.

image of old car with Lucy's picture road tripping Saturday to Thursday happyhour786
This tribute to “Lucy” sits outside the Canyon 66 Restaurant and Lounge – Kingman AZ

This particular one also proudly sports 19 large TVs spread throughout the restaurant/lounge! NINETEEN! And….they were almost all on different channels!!  A mini car show was taking place in the parking lot of the restaurant so we checked out a couple of nice old cars before heading back to the RV park. Day ONE was in the books.

image of old car in car show
How sweet is this ride!!!


Day TWO was going along smashingly UNTIL we hit Mesquite, NV. At the north end of Mesquite (with absolutely NO road signs or other warning of what was to come) everything slowed down. Slowed is the operative word in that sentence for sure. For the next 12.3 miles (from Mesquite NV to Beaver Dam, AZ) our top speed was 5 mph. Mostly we were stopped or crawling along at about 2 mph. Both northbound lanes bumper to bumper traffic.

image of speedometer during traffic jam
This speed for 12.3 MILES!!!

We finally discovered when we got to Beaver Dam, AZ (northbound on I-15) the reason for this horrendous traffic tie up. A bridge was blocked down to one lane northbound due to an expansion joint that was being replaced. Of course, since it was Sunday, there was no work being done and no workers! Sunday traffic, after spring break, and someone thought it a good plan to have this busy highway down to a single lane across this bridge!

And So Ends Day TWO

Day TWO ended at St. George, Utah where we met a great friend for dinner and then spent the night visiting and catching up with family. We woke up the morning of Day THREE to a surprise text telling us that the newest member of our family (my great nephew) had made his entrance during the night. A couple weeks earlier than planned. That little man’s timing couldn’t have been better (at least for us!) We would get to meet him and see his parents the night of Day THREE when we stopped for the night outside of Salt Lake City, UT. What  a great way to end Day THREE! I got to get in some new baby snuggles and some hugs for the proud new parents.

And so ends Day THREE! Friday’s blogpost will catch you up on the last half of our trip and our arrival in WA State.

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