Part 2 of RV Park Realities – Are You Kidding Me!!

image of German Shepherds

Part 2 of RV Park Realities – Are You Kidding Me!!

Well here’s part 2 of RV Park Realities.  We’ll talk about campfires, dog and pet rules, “free WIFI” and more.  We got a bunch of comments on the first post. Many of our RV friends have had some of the same thoughts and even more. I laughed at a couple and a couple more made me say, “are you kidding me”.

Rules Concerning Animals  and Does the Cat Go on a Leash

Nearly every park has rules concerning animals.  Dogs often have size and/or breed restrictions and ALWAYS (not exactly though) must be on leash unless in the enclosed dog area. Some insurance companies have restrictions on dog breeds.  Having owned several breeds, my humble opinion is that little dogs are more likely to bite you.  I’ve been bitten twice and both times the little dogs were less than 10 pounds.  I haven’t been bitten by big dogs.  When I was a State Trooper, I did have a couple concerns about big dogs but handled those situations appropriately.  Most cities have “always on a leash, unless in an enclosed yard” rule.

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image of German Shepherds
Many parks ban certain breeds and sizes of dogs.

Common Courtesy Goes  A Long Way

Common Courtesy says “always pick up the dog poop.” I see a lot of people who forget Common Courtesy. Are you kidding me.  Every park is different, so check out the rules first.  Don’t argue with the rules, because 1) you are wasting your air  2) probably getting red in the face 3) raising your blood pressure out of sight and 4) mostly because you are not going to change the park’s rules.  I mean really just don’t waste your breath.  Life is too short for that kind of aggravation. Cats in some parks have to be on a leash.  I actually saw a cat on a leash one time in my life.  You can’t herd cats, how can you keep one on a leash?  And do you pick up the cat poop in a bag like you do with a dog.  Lizards, snakes, mice, ferrets…. yep, have seen those in RV parks too.

image of tiny dog
Remember even tiny dogs poop and it must all be picked up!!

I personally love animals.  Our kids have dogs and cats and horses and even a bearded dragon.  We visit them and enjoy them and go home, leaving the animals with the kids.  Best way to own a pet for our traveling lifestyle.  Oh and yes, a Park Owner threatened to “throw you out, right now” when one of our kids’ dog escaped the leash. As I was calling the dog and he was coming back to get on the leash. Love those cameras. Are you kidding me.

Campfires, BBQs, Steaks, HotDogs, SMores and Cold Beer

These are all things that I enjoy a bunch.  Rving is camping plus 40 years.  A long time ago, it was a leaky tent on the rocky ground with a failing air mattress, with a fire, near a river or creek. No bathrooms, no electricity.   We always built a campfire.  I loved the smoke and the smell of the wood and the fire and the pop and the crackle and the embers at night.  Perfect.  Not so much in most RV Parks.  Many do not allow any fires at all.  You can use a gas bbq grille only.  A few allow a gas fire pit which is nice.  Boondockers (unless you are in Walmart or Cracker Barrel) can do whatever we want.   Anyway, nothing is better than Steak and Hot Dogs from a campfire, except SMores.  What a wonderful gooey mess.

Ok, some important campfire thoughts.

image of forest with deer
Please don’t burn down the forest!!

Please do not burn down the forest. I will say it again, PLEASE DO NOT BURN DOWN THE FOREST.  As an Eastern Washington State Native, I am adamant about that.  We have lost so much timber in fires the last 3 years. Tragic and often preventable.   Don’t take lumber off the buildings in the RV park to burn in your campfire. I really saw that happen so “Are You Kidding Me”. Do NOT throw all your garbage (plastic bottles, tin foil, cardboard, etc) in the campfire.  The rest of us do not want your toxic smoke.  If you want your own kids and grandkids to get exposed to toxic smoke, that’s totally up to you.   Put the fire out when you are done, let it burn out, soak it good and cover it up.  It only takes one tiny spark.

FREE WI-FI – Are You Kidding Me

When we first started our RV Full Time travels, I naively believed that Free Wi-Fi in a park meant, a valid Wi-Fi Signal and no charge.   WELL, I was mistaken.  There are very few RV Parks with Wi-Fi connections that are strong enough to get on the net.  A couple parks were excellent.  Most though are limited in strength and once more than 3 people try to sign on, the signal slows to dial up (anyone remember that) pace.  Every RV Forum has a huge discussion about this.  I have one CAUTION … unlimited Service from Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc DOES NOT mean all the wi-fi you want.  It is ever changing, and most plans after 22GB (3 or 4 days for some major users) cut your speed down to dial up pace.  The most up to date info on RV Wi-fi comes from Chris and Cherie who have spent 10 plus years learning and improvising.  I know the people working in the phone stores mean well, many just don’t have the experience to help with your plan.

Electrical Hookups – Use a Portable Surge Protector

What did I forget on this.  Electrical hookups have one simple answer.  Use a Portable RV Surge Protector   Do not hook up without one.  Do not blow up your electrical system because a wire has broken loose inside a box at an RV Park.  We were at the KOA in Kent WA when a surge hit their system, one of the positive legs of their wiring burned and knocked out all the power on the entire row.  Total shut down to many RV’s.  Ours was protected with no damage to our systems.  A couple of the neighbors were not so fortunate. Here’s a good list of other equipment you may need to enjoy your rv.

There are more things that make NoniKay and I look at each other and say, “are you kidding me”.  What are some of the crazier things you see in your travels.  Be safe and enjoy Mother’s Day. Thanks for following along with us.

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    • Shannon
    • May 12, 2017

    And “Always clean up your dog poop” means as you go along. Our maiden voyage home from Las Vegas to Central Washington State was one big learning curve. Having to dodge HUGE landmines left by our neighbors’ very large dogs near our hook-ups did not make things easier. I always did think the set-up of site 1’s sewer hookup being next to site 2’s picnic table was strange. I want to go on record as saying that I much prefer the friendlier alternating hook-up to hook-up/picnic table to picnic table layout.

      • NoniKay
      • May 12, 2017

      Thanks for your comments. Like you, we have found the learning curve to be somewhat steep at times. Also like you, I like the layout of picnic table to picnic table/hook-up to hook-up much better. It just doesn’t seem to be one that we see very often.

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