RV Parking, A Very Real Problem

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RV Parking, A Very Real Problem

Parking your RV could be a problem if you are unprepared. You bought your new RV or you are going to buy it but have you considered where you will park? Between 300,000-350,000 new RVs are going out into the market each year. That’s a lot of RVs!!

The options  of RV’s are as varied as the budgets and the imaginations of the owners. From tiny teardrop bumper pull trailers to luxurious diesel pushers, there is something out there for everyone.

As baby boomers retire in increasing numbers many are hitting the road. At the same time increasing numbers of Generation X (born 1965-1976) and Millennials (born 1977-1995) are joining the ranks of RV owners.

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Fulltimers And Vacationers Alike, We All Need Parking!

Whether you plan to use your RV only a few weeks each year during your vacations or you plan to become a full-timer like us, you need someplace to park your RV. Do you plan to boondock exclusively? Or do you plan to utilize commercial rv parks? Maybe your plans include state and national parks?

We knew we were going to live in our RV full-time once The Husband retired. For that reason we chose a larger unit than we would have chosen had we only been planning to use it for vacations. We have opted to stay in commercial RV parks with full service hookups. Our unit is self contained and we could take it boondocking if we chose. However, The Husband and I each had years of experience tent camping when raising our respective families. So I feel I’ve done my time. No more boondocking for me. I like having full hookups, knowing that the only thing limiting the length of my shower is the 12 gallon hot water tank, not the water supply in the holding tanks.

Advance research is the name of the game! The number of commercial parks is increasing but not at the same rate as the number of RV’s being manufactured and sold each year. This means the shortage of available spaces is becoming more of a problem each year.

State And National Parks May Not Be Adequate

Many of the state and national parks were built over 50 years ago. While some have been updated and expanded, many have not. They are unable to accommodate the large units being sold today. Even if they have hookups many do not have full hookups and if they have electricity they may only have 30 amp, not the 50 amp needed by the larger units. Reservation requirements vary widely in the state/national parks. Again, do your research if you plan to utilize them so you don’t get any nasty surprises when you pull in and find out they can’t accommodate you. The size of unit you decide to buy may also be influenced by these limitations if your plans include frequenting the state and national park system.

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Kolob Canyon Utah

Commercial parks that have full hookups and large enough spaces to accommodate today’s larger rigs fill up rapidly, especially in the summer, peak vacation times. Reservations become an absolute necessity whether you plan to stay for one night or several weeks.

Rates Vary With Seasons And Locations

We found during the height of the summer that some parks will not give a weekly or monthly rate. Their spaces are in such high demand that they rent only on a per night basis. This increases the cost of your trip and must be factored into the overall trip budget.

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Empty spaces are not the norm in peak season.

Luckily for me, The Husband is a researcher by nature. Prior to any trips where we take the RV he spends some time researching our route. He makes all the necessary reservations for us in advance as well as researching the route to ensure it will work for us. Making sure there are no low overpasses or narrow bridges. Those things are nice to know in advance.

Happy RV’ing or RV planning everyone!


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    • Sam
    • April 19, 2017

    Great point! Definitely something to consider.

      • NoniKay
      • April 19, 2017

      Thanks for your comment. So often these types of issues are not even on our radar before we buy an RV but they fast become very high priority!!

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