SOLD Signs Going Up!! We’re Now Officially Homeless

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SOLD Signs Going Up!! We’re Now Officially Homeless

The RV sold and we’re now officially homeless!! Not just the RV but also the truck!!! A very nice lady came a few days ago to see the RV. She loved it and it was exactly what she was looking for. Recently retired, her stick built house just sold. She now plans to live in an RV and have the freedom to hook up and go when the urge hits.

During our discussions it came out that she did not yet have a vehicle with which to tow the RV.  I said, “well, if you’re interested, we will have a truck for sale now that we no longer need it to tow our house!” Long story short, she loved the idea that our F350 dually is already set up to tow this particular RV.

image of our truck and trailer sold signs going up we're now officially homeless
These two work so well together. The F350 dually pulls this beast like a champ!!

And The Truck Was Dirty!! Ugh!

The Husband is usually quite anal about keeping his truck not just clean, but spit shined. However, cleaning the truck hasn’t been on his list of doctor approved activities since his dislocated shoulder. So lack of regular washing and cleaning plus a few trips that involved gravel roads meant a dirty dirty truck. The Husband absolutely did NOT want to show the truck in that condition.

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However, Nice Lady really wanted to see the truck. Dirt and all. After viewing it and seeing it’s features the dirt apparently took a backseat. She wanted the truck AND the RV.

Life Has Now Flipped Into High Gear

It’s a done deal and things are moving fast. Initially she thought her house would close mid-July at which time she would be ready to take possession of the truck and RV. That would have left us homeless for only about two weeks. Our renters are scheduled to move out of our Little House at the end of July and we’ll take occupancy the first week of August.

That would have left us homeless for only about two weeks. #rvtravels #lifeschanges… Click To Tweet

Then last Friday we got the news that her house deal closes sooner than expected. That’s right. Closing is June 30th. As in FOUR days from today!! And. . .she would like to take possession of the RV and truck on July 7th.

Where To Start??

So it’s go time!! We’ve been living as full-timers now for 3 1/2 years. Literally everything we own is in this RV. First order of business? Get a storage unit!!! Done. Then we started the search for moving boxes.  Since most stores break them down and recycle them immediately after emptying them we headed to the local Ace Hardware to buy u-haul boxes.

My Sunday started with a large stack of empty u-haul boxes,  several rolls of packing tape and some bubble wrap.  50’s and 60’s greatest hits cranked on the iPod and A/C also cranked since 90 was the predicted high for the day. I know you’re all just totally envious of the packing process, right?? LOL!! I swear this is the LAST move.

image of packing boxes sold signs going up we're now officially homeless
Running out room to stack these!!

In between packing I’m making plans for the mini-trips we can take during our month of homelessness. We will spend one week house sitting for some family members while they vacation. Then some mini-trips are on the agenda. I hear the ocean calling my name. Anyone have good tips regarding places to stay on either the Washington or Oregon coasts? I’d love to hear your tips for your favorite places and why they rated as your favorite. We’re always on the hunt for new places and experiences.

image of kite flying on the beach sold signs going up we're now officially homeless
Lincoln City Oregon kite flying fun
image of dogs loving beach sold signs going up we're now officially homeless
Some happy puppies enjoying beach time!

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