A Sunday afternoon with The Farm Chicks

image of vintage RV displaying wares Sunday with The farm Chicks www.happyhour786.com

A Sunday afternoon with The Farm Chicks!

The Husband and I spent a Sunday afternoon at The Farm Chicks Vintage and Handmade Fair at the Spokane Fairgrounds. I was finally in Washington State with a clear calendar on the first weekend in June. The Farm Chicks is an event that comes around only once each year, on the first weekend in June. I’ve known about this event for several years but was either out of state or already had my calendar booked for that weekend. The stars were all in alignment this year and we were able to attend this unique event.

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A Little History

Now in it’s 15th year, this event was started by Serena Thompson as a way to sell her own handmade goods and vintage items. You can read all about the early years and Serena’s history here. The Farm Chicks outgrew their original location (a barn belonging to a friend) and moved to the Spokane Fairgrounds. This location is perfect for them with ample FREE parking, easy access, and RV and camping spots available right at the fairgrounds. Numerous local hotels give a special rate to guests in town for The Farm Chicks event. Details to lodging, RV sites and local restaurants here.

Immense Would Be A Good Description

image of entry a Sunday with the Farm Chicks www.happyhour786.com
The rooms extend in all directions from this main entry.

To give you an idea of the size of this event, maps showing the location of each vendor are issued at the gate when you pay your entrance fee ($8.00 each for The Husband and I). The Husband had no clue (although I had warned him) the true size of this event. As we entered he just kept saying, “Wow, I had no idea!” First timers probably all feel that way.

A Great Use For A Vintage RV

image of interior or vintage RV displaying barware a sunday afternoon with the farm chicks www.happyhour786.com
Renee Cebula of “Raising the Bar” displays her barware inside this vintage RV.

The cute vintage RV in the photo at the top of the page is owned by Renee Cebula of “Raising the Bar.” Selling “vintage and badass barware” the RV travels with her show to show and serves as her display case.  The photo directly above is of the interior of the RV and some of her barware products.

image of coin operated mechanical horse a Sunday with the Farm Chicks www.happyhour786.com
How many of you remember putting your dime in and riding one of these?

This beautiful horse was almost the first thing to catch The Husband’s eye. Still fully functional, I’m sure many of you remember riding these outside the grocery store as a child. Or throwing a fit because Mom told you that she wasn’t giving you any money for the horse that day. Advertised to still be in working condition this coin operated mechanical horse cost a mere 10 cents to ride. Can you even think of anything that can be purchased for 10 cents anymore?

image of rolling pin a Sunday with the Farm Chicks www.happyhour786.com
This could easily be The Husband’s mantra! “Pie Makes Everything Better”

Pie Anyone??

Anyone who knows much about The Husband knows that in his world, pie truly does make everything better! Does it surprise anyone that The Husband found this rolling pin and was the one to snap this photo? Wouldn’t this be a cute addition to many kitchens?

image of Rooster with egg a Sunday with the Farm Chicks www.happyhour786.com
Marvel of Science? First Rooster to lay an egg LOL

It apparently wasn’t really “which came first the chicken or the egg”? It was the Rooster! The person setting up this display must have had a good sense of humor 🙂

image of old tupperware a Sunday with the farm chicks www.happyhour786.com
Old Tupperware never dies!

I couldn’t pass this display without snapping a picture. Almost every piece of this Tupperware used to be in either my mother’s kitchen or mine at one time. It apparently doesn’t die. It just shows up now in vintage markets.

image of Pammy's Attic display a Sunday with The Farm Chicks www.happyhour786.com
Such a well done display at Pammy’s Attic

With so many display stalls it’s rare for one to really stand out, however, Pammy’s Attic stood out.  Artfully displayed objects filled her space without overfilling or crowding. A lovely display of some very unique objects.

image of old certificate of trust a Sunday with the Farm Chicks www.happyhour786.com
A basket full of old deeds of trust and certificates of trust.

An entire basket filled with old deeds of trust, certificates of trust, abstract of title. This particular one dated February 18, 1918. Amazing to find these old documents still in good shape and readable.

image of wander sign a sunday with the Farm Chicks www.happyhour786.com
I think I need this sign for the RV.

“Wander” ~ Yup, that pretty much describes my favorite activity. Unfortunately this sign was a bit too big for the RV so I had to leave it behind.

image of red Radio Flyer trike a Sunday with the Farm Chicks www.happyhour786.com
The best find of the day!!

Just Like I Used To Have – This Is The Best Find Of The Day!

The best find of the day sits in the backseat of our truck at the moment waiting to be delivered to the 2 yr old granddaughter tomorrow. It’s a red Radio Flyer tricycle exactly like the one I had as a child. All metal. You remember? They used to all be indestructible because they were made of metal. They were handed down and handed down and handed down and still were in good shape. I think a certain little girl is going to be pretty happy to have her own set of wheels and will probably put many miles on it just as I did mine.

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Mark Your Calendars!

Remember to mark your calendar for the first weekend of June, 2018 if you want to check out this fun event for yourself. RV’ers there is plenty of room for your rigs so don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

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