Sunsets For The Soul

image of puget sound sunset


As I sit here tonight watching the sunset over the water of the bay my heart is at peace. The open patio door letting in the smell of the salt water, the clouds changing by the minute as the light plays behind them announcing that the day will soon end, the last colors fading as the sun sets.

The tide is fully in now,  the water laps gently against the sea wall. Further out into the open waters of Puget Sound the water is more violent, chaotic even at times. Here in the inlet of the bay it’s calm and quiet, much like my heart when placed in this setting.

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After a weekend of visiting with family, sharing so many good laughs, mixed with a little touring of the funky little shops in the waterfront towns, it’s now our last night to enjoy this idyllic setting. I plan to sit right in this seat soaking up the sun, the water, the clouds, all the beauty God has given us until the very last speck of light leaves the sky and night takes over.

Drinking it in, feeding my soul, imprinting it on my heart and mind so in the coming days I can scroll through my memories and have this scene pop up. Those days when I’m not at the beach I can remember this, this scene that feeds my heart and my soul.


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