Symmetry vs Asymmetry ~ Which One Makes You Happy?

Image of funky architecture and asymmetrical windows

Symmetry vs Asymmetry ~ Which One Makes You Happy?

Symmetry and I will never be on the same page. Probably not even in the same book. I don’t like things to be too perfect. Things that are too “matchy matchy” make me uncomfortable and tense.

Asymmetrical? Now that I love. That makes me smile. That I’m drawn to like a moth to a flame.   Go to the Fremont District in Seattle, WA sometime and just look. Look at the triangular buildings and streets. Look at the funky architecture and unique paint jobs on many of the businesses. Go visit the Troll who lives under the Fremont Bridge.

image of the fremont troll symmetry vs asymmetry which one makes you happy
A peck on the cheek for the Fremont Troll

The asymmetry and uniqueness of this area makes my heart happy. Much like the effect of the ocean, asymmetry makes me breathe easy.

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A Couple Of Exceptions

While driving to Eastern Washington last summer I realized there is an exception to my love for asymmetry. The exception? It’s hay fields. Freshly cut and baled hay fields are that exception. The balers were still working, spitting out bale after bale and dropping them in neat rows to await the harrowbed. The order of this process  gives joy to my heart and makes me smile. The smell of freshly mown hay evokes memories of summers past and sunny days.

Image hay bales symmetry vs asymmetry which one makes you happy
Symmetrical hay field

Symmetry and asymmetry, complete opposites but both have the ability to make me smile and gave me a sense of peace. Mostly a lover of asymmetry but also a fan of symmetry in one singular instance.

Look around you. See what brings you peace. Where are you when you feel yourself breathing easy and smiling for no reason? Are you, like me, happiest when exposed to the funky? Or do you need things to be ordered and matchy matchy? Life is short. Seek out those places, things and people that make you the happiest.

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