Let’s Talk About Space, As In Our Homes

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Let’s Talk About Space, As In Our Homes

Today I want to talk about space. No, not outer space. Space issues. As in our homes. How much square footage is in your current home? How much is common space and how much is your own individual personal space? If you work from home then the space needed for your “work space” will also affect your comfort level and your space requirements.

As you may have read in one of my previous blog posts, we downsized 3+ years ago from a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 1600 sq ft condominium. We moved into our 38’ 5th wheel which has a TOTAL of 420 sq ft.

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In the condo there wasn’t really any space designated as “personal space” for either of us. There was, however, sufficient space to be alone if either of us chose to do so. The Husband had a large garage at his disposal. With 3 bathrooms I could lock myself in with a book and a glass of wine to take a luxurious bubble bath without anyone knocking on the door, needing the bathroom.

image of interior of 5th wheel let's talk about space as in our homes www.happyhour786.com
Very tight quarters!

Space Is A Luxury!

The luxuries of space are but a distant memory now. The lack of personal space in the RV is less of an issue when the weather hovers in the 65-85 degree range and we are outside the majority of each day. Cold, rainy, windy days or exceedingly hot days which necessitate more “indoor” time make the “space” issue more noticeable.

420 sq ft doesn’t allow for any personal space. The kitchen has precisely enough room for one person to work. You can squeeze past each other in the hallway only if neither of you are carrying anything and if you both turn kind of sideways. The bedroom is strictly single lane traffic flow. You stand aside and wait for the other person to vacate and then you proceed. The living room area is spacious (by RV standards). We’ve actually had up to 6 people in the living room at one time. Of course, they all have to get seated and then remain so to accommodate everyone.

The dining room table is designed for 4 and we’ve actually fed 5 people at this table. Yes, it was extremely cozy and 4 of the 5 people were grandkids who didn’t take up much room. Tiny spaces fit tiny humans better than those of us who are full sized humans.

image of kitchen island let's talk about space as in our homes www.happyhour786.com
Kitchen Island.

Are You Considering Becoming A Full-Time RV’er?

If you are considering making a move to full-time RV living these are some issues that you need to consider. Do you currently have personal space for each of you? If so, how do you plan to get some personal space in your RV? Our experience has been that personal space is non-existent. So you better really like each other.

The way we make this work is by having some activities we do separate from the other. Following the sunshine to AZ in the winter helps as we have the option of being outdoors more hours each day.

My work space while writing the blog isn’t much of an issue since I can take my laptop indoors or outdoors as weather dictates. While The Husband practices his piano and/or takes a piano lesson, I typically take my laptop outside to write. He gets alone time when I’m gone quilting. I get alone time when he is gone playing pickle ball.

Can Your Relationship Withstand This Much “Togetherness?”

Consider also how your proposed move to full-time RV’ing and the ensuing close proximity 24/7 may affect your relationship. Can you handle that much “together time?” Have you had any experience living together in such close quarters for an extended period of time? Do some relationship inventory work before you make the final decision to move into a tiny space. What habits do each of you have that drive the other one nuts?  What will the division of labor be in your new tiny home? (hint: you absolutely have to clean up and put away immediately. There is NO space for “stuff” to be left out!)

Would I do things differently if we knew then (when we started out 3+ yrs ago as full-timers) what we know now? Oh, sure. Experience is a great teacher and hindsight is 20/20. It definitely is a big adjustment, living in such close quarters after years of more spacious living.

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