Three Pies RV Oven Thanksgiving Or Disaster

image of wine and pie ingredients

Three Pies, RV Oven…Thanksgiving? Or Disaster?

I volunteered to bring the pies and a veggie tray to our Arizona Thanksgiving with friends.  This was to be the first time I had baked pies since becoming full-time RV’ers. I volunteered to make an apple pie and a pumpkin pie.

The Husband left to play pickle ball and I assembled the ingredients to begin my pie baking. As I’ve mentioned before there isn’t much counter space in RV kitchens.  My creativity in use of space was about to be tested to the max.

Only One Pie Pan To Be Found

I realized that I had only saved ONE pie pan when we downsized  so prior to his pickle ball game, The Husband rode his bike to the store and purchased a package of disposable pie pans. While assembling my bowls, measuring cups & spoons, I realized I couldn’t find my rolling pin. Now I KNOW I would not have gotten rid of my rolling pin in the downsizing process but it’s no where to be found. An empty Mason Jar became my stand in rolling pin. Because disposable pie pans are small, I decided to make two pumpkin pies and one apple pie in the larger glass pan. So I rolled out dough for 3 pies.

image of pie making three pies rv oven thanksgiving or disaster
No rolling pin? Use a mason jar.

A Top! Apple Pies Need A Top

The minute I got the apples into the crust it dawned on me…Top! Apple pies need a TOP!! I hadn’t made enough crust. So back out came all the ingredients for crust and I made my second batch of crust for the day which gave me enough for a lattice top to the apple pie and leftover pie crust treats sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar for The Husband. If those little goodies have a specific name I’ve never known it. The Husband calls them, “eat’em fast before your brothers get’em.”

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image of pie crusts three pies rv oven thanksgiving or disaster
Eat’em fast before your brothers get’em

I now had completed two batches of dough, an apple pie, two crusts ready for pumpkin pie and  cinnamon & sugar treats. After washing all the dishes (by hand, of course, since we are, after all, in an RV)  I was ready for a glass of wine before tackling round two.

image of preparations for pie making round 2 three pies rv oven thanksgiving or disaster
The necessary preparations for Round Two

Pour The Wine For Round Two

Round two became yet another learning experience for me in the ongoing RV living and cooking learning curve.  The RV stove will only fit one pie at a time and I had noticed with the apple pie that it took longer to cook than the estimated 50 minutes. It had actually taken closer to 80 minutes. I wasn’t surprised then when the pumpkin pies each took longer. My surprise came when I took them out of the oven only to see a large dark circle in the middle of each pie.

image of apple pie cooking three pies rv oven thanksgiving or disaster
Apple pie teeny tiny RV oven

Each pumpkin pie looked like all the spices had coagulated in the center of the pie even though I knew I had mixed them adequately prior to baking. I’ve never had a pumpkin pie look like this EVER! To say I was disappointed in their appearance is an understatement. I told The Husband, “we’ll take extra whipping cream and maybe if we smother them in whipped cream they’ll taste ok?”

My Sister Solves The Puzzle

My sister, when I recounted this cooking experience, had a logical and understandable explanation for my pie failure. Because of the diminutive size of my oven there is insufficient air flow. Thus the longer than normal cooking times and an explanation for the coagulation of my spices in the middle of my pumpkin pies. Due to the longer cooking time things won’t cook evenly and the outer edges get done faster so any solid object (spices) will gravitate to the center which is still a liquid. Makes perfect sense!

The upside is that both the apple and pumpkin pies tasted fine, however, this will be the one and only time I cook pies in an RV oven. Next time I’ll be at the head of the line to buy my holiday pies at Costco. This was way too much work to end up with such disappointing results.


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