Towing For 1500 Miles!!

image of crossing the Columbia River into WA

Towing For 1500 Miles!

I did it. I towed our RV for 1500 miles with only brief stints of driving by The Husband. Am I sick of towing? Oh, you better believe it!! But it feels good to know that I did it. To know that, if necessary, I can get us (and our 38′ RV) from Point A to Point B, largely unassisted.

The Husband’s Domain Is Now Suddenly All Mine!!

Setting us up every night used to be The Husband’s domain. Hopefully after his shoulder injury is healed, it will again be his domain. However, on this trip it was mine. As we proceeded North our water hose stiffened incrementally in relation to the drop in temperatures.

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Our hose is the Pirit brand with internal heat tape to alleviate any danger of freezing. It’s a great hose and we’ve never had an issue with frozen water lines in 3 years of full-timing. However, it is heavier and stiffer than the normal garden variety water hose. Add the cooler nights in the northern regions and the end result in the morning is a very stiff, uncooperative hose. Emptying the last of the water from it each morning, attempting to roll it and stuff it into the underbelly of the RV was enough to bring on a few choice words. But if you want to be absolutely sure to avoid frozen water lines, this is the hose for you!

image of snow on ground by trees
It’s definitely COLDER here!! Notice the lingering SNOW under the trees? Crossing The Blue Mountains we saw a lot of snow left.

Yup, I Managed To Avoid That Poop Hose!

The power cord and accompanying surge protector I discovered is a bit heavy but, hands down, it’s the easiest part of the set up procedure. I was determined that I wasn’t going to deal with hooking up the hoses to dump the black tanks. And I succeeded!! I managed to avoid that nasty job all the way from AZ to WA. We utilized rest areas and RV park bathrooms along the way, limiting the use of our RV bathroom. That technique spelled success for me!!  We were able to wait to dump the holding tanks until we reached our final destination Thursday afternoon. Success!!

At the start of this trip my stress level was pretty high knowing I’d be the primary driver. In fact, it was so high that the minute I climbed into the truck on Day ONE, I wanted a cigarette. A cigarette!! Me, who hasn’t smoked in over 25 years!! I haven’t even thought about a cigarette in at least 20 years. It took me the first 3 days of driving before I finally relaxed enough that a cigarette wasn’t the primary thing on my mind as I hopped into the driver’s seat each morning.

Keeping The Husband From Further Injuries!!

One of the hardest things throughout this trip was keeping The Husband from overdoing and causing further damage to his shoulder. Standing by watching me do the setup and tear down chores really isn’t in his nature. Thankfully he just played the role of instructor, teaching me what to do and how to do it, thereby foregoing any further damage to his arm/shoulder. Next step for him is another appointment with an orthopedic guy now that we’re set up in WA. They’ll then determine if he will need physical therapy.

image of sign showing WA
The Middle of the Columbia River ~ We’re Officially in WASHINGTON!!

No breakdowns, no weather issues and other than our traffic tie up between Mesquite NV and Beaver Dam, AZ, we had no traffic issues. In three years of full-timing I think this was the most “issue free” trip we’ve done. Probably a good thing since my stress level was already maxed out for the first three days.

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  1. Reply

    This sounds like quite an adventure! The Good, bad, and ugly are all part of the adventure. Woo hoo for success! You did it. I would have been a nervous wreck as well. I am so jealous of you RVing. I would love to have a camper one day!

      • NoniKay
      • April 15, 2017

      It was an experience for sure and it did get better as my settled in a bit and became less stressed! Hoping you are able to get your camper one day and follow your dream of RV’ing.

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