Unique Cemeteries Seen In Our Travels

image of old headstone

Unique Cemeteries Seen In Our Travels

Since we have been traveling I’ve noticed many unique cemeteries. Some beautiful and sporting impeccably groomed grounds. Others sadly forlorn, neglected and forgotten. In the dry southwest we found some with no grass at all.  The northwest, where water is more plentiful, cemeteries sport lush green grass amongst the headstones.  In many older cemeteries the headstones themselves tell a variety of stories.  Large, ornate and some stretching back over numerous decades, an entire family history is clustered together in a “family plot.”

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Our Personalized Tour Of Boot Hill

Boot Hill in Tombstone, AZ where the town’s outcasts were buried held so many stories of those who met a violent end in the old days of the wild west. Not allowed to be buried in the respectable “town” cemetery, they were buried at Boot Hill. If you are ever in Tombstone, AZ., be sure to take the time to tour this interesting cemetery. Our friend and author, William E. McClintock, gave us his personal tour of this cemetery. The stories ranged from sad to violent to funny as he recounted the history of many who are buried here.

image of Gary and headstone at Boot Hill, Tombstone, AZ unique cemeteries seen in our travels www.happyhour786.com
The Husband was particularly fond of the caption on this headstone.

Outside of Tucson, AZ we found another unique cemetery. Driving by we noticed the bright colors mixed in amongst the cacti and realized it was a cemetery. Each headstone a cross and each cross ornately decorated with flowers and other memorbilia in remembrance of the deceased.

image of cemetery outside Tucson AZ unique cemeteries seen in our travels www.happyhour786.com
Set among the cacti we came across this unique cemetery


image of cemetery outside Tucson AZ unique cemeteries seen in our travels www.happyhour786.com
So many crosses, so many stories these could tell.

Old Ornate Headstones Live Among The Pines

Fairmont Memorial Cemetery in Spokane, WA., is acre upon acre of immaculately groomed grounds. Headstones are a wide variety of styles and the ancient pine trees lend their beauty to add to the peace of this location.

image of old tombstones Spokane WA unique cemeteries seen in our travels www.happyhour786.com
Old ornate headstones set amongst the pines.


image of older headstone unique cemeteries seen in our travels www.happyhour786.com
Incredible detail found on many older headstones

No one is immune. We all have friends and family that have gone on before us. We visit,  take new flowers or a little memento.  Trim the grass a little neater and a little closer.  Clean the dirt from the headstone. And we remember.

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    This is an awesome post! I love stopping by old cemeteries. I love when I stumble upon a hidden one.

      • NoniKay
      • April 23, 2017

      Thanks Chasa! Like you, I love coming upon some of the older, hidden and possibly forgotten ones. Even better is when you find an old hidden one and it’s obviously being well cared for by someone. To see the signs that someone still remembers and cares is so heartwarming.

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