A Visit To The Desert Botanical Garden – Phoenix AZ

Image of the desert beauty to be found at the Botanical Gardens

A Visit To The Desert Botanical Garden – Phoenix AZ

A visit to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix is an amazing way to spend a day. Especially since it was the middle of December and most of the country was suffering through harsh winter conditions. With family in town for a few days we packed some snacks and water into a backpack, donned our walking shoes and took off.

If you are in the Phoenix area or plan to be in the future, this destination should be on your bucket list. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe what we found. The Butterfly Exhibit will be opening in March 2017. We may have to make another visit to the Gardens after that exhibit opens.

Image of the entrance to Desert Botanical Gardens Phoenix AZ
Entrance to Desert Botanical Gardens – Phoenix AZ

The Sonoran Desert Loop Trail

Plants and People of the Sonoran Desert Loop Trail provided a fascinating history lesson. We tried grinding a type of bean into flour using a motar and pestle. The general consensus was we would have all been very hungry by the time we had actually generated any flour!!

Image of the flour we ground with motar and pestle

Seeing the ancient housing options gives a whole new respect for the hardiness of the Sonoran Indians.

Image of shelter used by Sonoran Indians spacious but not very weather tight
Quite spacious inside but I’m wondering how weather tight it would be!
Image of the interior support beams of Sonoran Indian shelters
Strong support beams but certainly appears to have some “natural” a/c going on!!

Here are a few photos of the phenomenal cacti at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Tours are available and worth your time. We learned a great deal about a wide variety of cacti and other desert plant life.

Image of the vibrant colors to be seen in the desert
Such an assortment of vibrant colors to be found in the desert!
Image of prickly desert plants and their beautiful flowers
Some of the most prickly plants have the most beautiful flowers.
Image of crested saguaro cactus
Look at the top! A beautiful crested Saguaro!

Our day at the Botanical Gardens is but one example of what we can each find in our own backyard. Thanks to Google we can research the options easily. Take a minute and google your own area. What is there that you haven’t taken the time to see? Our list of “to see” adventures is pretty long and limited only by time and finances. We’re ticking them off one by one but also adding more every time a new one is taken off. Enjoy life. Grab every opportunity to explore your area. Seek new adventures.

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