Washington State Explorations Part 3

image of the Spokane River, Imax theater and the clock tower

Washington State Explorations Part 3

Washington State explorations is ongoing (this is the 3rd blog post of the series). It is giving me so much pleasure to write as I introduce you to my home state. Exploring is a favorite way for me to spend my time. Sharing it with you means I get the joy of exploration twice! First the actual event, second as I write about it and share my photos with you. While in Washington State, the Spokane area is our home base and last week The Husband and I spent some time exploring a couple of our favorite areas of Spokane. Namely (1) The Old Flour Mill (2) The Spokane River Falls and (3) Manito Park on the South Hill.

image of flour mill Spokane WA
The Flour Mill – Spokane WA houses restaurants and a variety of small shops.

Let’s Start With The Flour Mill

Originally constructed on the banks of the Spokane River in 1895 this magnificent building was home to a working flour mill for over 70 years after being put into operation in the early 1900’s. When the World’s Fair came to Spokane in 1974 the flour mill received extensive renovation enabling it to be used for small shops and restaurants. The Flour Mill is home to the popular Clinkerdagger restaurant and from the restaurant’s deck patrons have a spectacular view of the Spokane River.

image of Spokane River
Spokane River races below the deck of Clinkerdagger Restaurant

The Raging Power Of The Spokane River

Spokane River Falls is actually two separate falls, an upper and a lower. Each set of falls is home to a dam operated by Avista Utilities. The upper falls is home to the Upper Falls Dam. The lower falls is home to the Monroe Street Dam which was completed in 1890 and was actually the first dam built on the Spokane River. This dam currently holds the distinction of being the longest running hydroelectric generation facility in Washington State.

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image of the Spokane River Falls
Powerful and beautiful.
image of upper falls power plant Spokane River
Upper Falls Power Plant
Image of Upper Falls Spokane River
Spokane River as seen from the bridge directly up river from the power plant.
image of Spokane River
The force of this water is impossible to describe in mere words.

Every Visitor To The Lilac City Should Schedule A Visit To Manito Park

Next we headed to the serenity of Manito Park on the South Hill of Spokane. Established in 1904 this lovely city park was originally home to only a few flower beds, picnic areas and a zoo. Today this lovely park contains 78 acres of native and cultivated landscaping and 20 acres of botanical gardens. In addition to the Mirror Pond (originally called Mirror Lake) the park is home to 5 major gardens (1) Japanese Garden (2) Duncan Garden (3) Rose Hill (4) Lilac Garden and (5) Ferris Perennial Garden. A calendar of events held at the park can be found here.

image of the Mirror Pond - Manito Park
The serenity of the Mirror Pond was a complete opposite from the raging water we had just seen at the Spokane River.
image of ducks headed to Mirror Pond
Look close. . .can you see the little ducks waddling their way over to the Mirror Pond for a dip?
image of Lilac Gardens Manito Park
The scent here in the Lilac Gardens was heavenly!
Manito Park beauty
So many plants, so many colors!

Thanks for joining me in exploring a little of Spokane. If you plan to be in Washington State I hope you’ll add Spokane to your agenda. This is but a tiny sampling of what this lovely city has to offer.


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    • Lori
    • May 17, 2017

    Well timed post. We are headed to north Idaho in a couple of weeks and are planning some sightseeing in Spokane. Thanks for some great suggestions! I just discovered your blog and have enjoyed some of your posts. (Not to say that I haven’t enjoyed some, I have only had a chance to read a few. Lol)

      • NoniKay
      • May 17, 2017

      So glad you found us and are enjoying what you’ve read. We’re always excited when we can share about some of the fun places we’ve experienced. I hope you have a great time in Spokane and Northern Idaho.


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