His Bad Day!

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It wasn’t a good day for him…that guy with the big toy hauler in the space down the street. It was a nice sunny day and it was obvious from the level of activity at his spot that he and his wife were preparing to load up and leave. They had two large Harley motorcycles that would be housed in the back of the toy hauler while on the road.

Toy hauler guy hitched up and towed his large rig to the side of the street directly at the edge of our lot (I had a ringside seat for the show that was about to take place.) The ramp of the toy hauler was put down and he proceeded to start up Harley #1. Next he started riding the bike up the ramp into the toy hauler. Half way up he dumped himself and the bike off the side of the ramp. The bike was still running and he was scrambling trying to get up. Toy hauler’s wife, their two friends and two young men who were camping in the spot next to ours went running to lift he and the bike up.

No Bodily Damage To Him But His Poor Bike

This time he lucked out and incurred no bodily damage but the bike didn’t fare as well incurring some front end damage. All the parties who had assisted in the rescue of he and Harley #1 then helped him to load Harley #1 and Harley #2 into the toy hauler.

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The back of the toy hauler was successfully closed and bolted and I thought his bad day would begin to improve. Not so! His next move was to attempt backing into the camping space he had vacated moments before loading the bikes. Being parked next to the curb he was directly under overhanging trees which, of course, he neglected to check for clearance. He jumped in the truck, put it in reverse and headed backwards towards his campsite. Hearing things tear and rip apart I again glanced out and sure enough, his day was continuing to go downhill. He had left the roof vents in the open position and had already succeeded in ripping off the first one and as I watched he continued to back up ripping off the second.

Trying To Repair The Damage

Once back in his campsite he had, by now, realized the additional damage done. He got up on top the toy hauler with a roll of duct tape and proceeded to tape the vent covers back on. I often wondered how far down the highway he got before the vent covers went flying or if the duct tape actually held them successfully until they could be replaced.

This little scenario is an excellent reminder to check and re-check everything before you get ready to put your rig in gear and move forward OR backward. A visual check of all overhead lines, trees, etc., can prevent expensive damages. An inexpensive set of walkie-talkies allows you to communicate with a partner who can alert you to possible upcoming dangers that may not be visible to the driver. Cell phones can be used for this purpose also but we’ve found our walkie-talkies to be a valuable addition to our list of travel necessities. They come in a wide range of prices and can prevent expensive mistakes.

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