Pretend Money Is No Object, Where Would You Travel?

image of Bowman Lake Montana

Pretend Money Is No Object, Where Would You Travel?

If money were no object and you could travel as often as you chose and go wherever you chose, where would you go? This question recently came up so I took a little time to think about it. I also asked The Husband for his “dream travel list”.  This post is my dream list. The Husband hasn’t given me his list yet so that will be another post for another day. Or maybe I can get him to do a “guest post” with his dream list.  It will be interesting to see if our “dream lists” coincide at all.

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Let’s Start With Montana

image of Lake McDonald Montana pretend money is no object where would you travel

The portions of Montana  I’ve seen to date have been breathtakingly beautiful. Each time I’ve been there I’ve wanted to stay longer and explore more. I want to be in Montana and not be on a schedule. Minnesota would be next. My paternal grandparents raised their family in Minnesota and  I have cousins there that I’ve never met. How fun it would be to spend some time with them and see the area where my grandparents lived for many years.

And On To Virginia And Washington D.C.

image of Washington Monument pretend money is no object where would you travel I would then head east to Virginia and the Washington D.C. area. The White House, The Lincoln Memorial, The Library of Congress, The Vietnam Memorial, The National Mall, The Washington Monument and Ford’s Theatre just to name a few of the places I want to visit. What an amazing opportunity for history to come alive!! (And as an added perk? I have family there that I rarely get to see.)

I Hear The Atlantic Is Warm And Wonderful

Next up would be a trip down the East coast. I’ve yet to see the Atlantic Ocean and would love to follow it south exploring seaside towns along the way. Upon reaching Florida I would definitely spend some time on the white sand beaches prior to boarding a cruise ship headed to the Caribbean. Cruising has always been another dream of mine. image of cruise ship pretend money is no object where would you travel Texas, where we have more family that we don’t see often, would be next on the agenda. Once our Texas family got tired of us, my next destination would be Mexico for a couple weeks. There are no shortage of places I’d like to see in Mexico. And they have plenty of beaches to feed my ocean loving soul. image of city in mexico pretend that money is no object where would you travel

And Who Wouldn’t Love The California Coast?

Then on to California where I would follow Highway 101 up through CA, OR and WA. Stopping wherever the urge hit to explore little coastal towns. Life near the water makes me happy, happy, happy!! Be it an ocean, a lake, a river or a creek, it is calming yet energizing to me. That pretty much explains why my travel list skirts the perimeter of our country following the water. So many places to see, so little time to see it all. If money wasn’t an object, where would you go? I’d love to hear your dream trips. Please feel free to share them with us in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

This site contains affiliate links. Disclosure here.

My Gratitudes For Today

1 – The Husband and our kids/grandkids. They light up my life in so many ways.

2 – Girls weekends. Every year my adult daughters, granddaughter, daughters-in-law and I have a get away weekend. The destination is different each year but the love and the laughs are the same. Definitely a weekend for which I’m grateful.

3 – Coffee!! Coffee!! Coffee!!

4 – People who make me laugh. I have a tendency to take life too seriously and laughing is healthy for all of us. So let’s find more opportunities to laugh!

5 – A writer husband who pitches in with guest posts when I’m freaking out that I don’t have enough done and am behind schedule.


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